can I adjust middle part?


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  • chriswright

    I understand how that can be frustrating. While Discord doesn’t natively support minimizing or hiding the user list in the middle third of the app, there are a few workarounds you can try:

    Compact Mode: Enable Compact Mode in Discord’s settings to reduce the space taken up by messages and user names. Go to User Settings > Appearance > Message Display > Compact.
    Custom CSS: If you’re comfortable with a bit of customization, you can use a tool like BetterDiscord, which allows you to apply custom CSS to Discord. This can help you hide or minimize certain elements. However, be cautious as this is against Discord’s terms of service and could potentially lead to your account being banned.
    Window Resizing: You can manually resize the Discord window to make it narrower, which might help reduce the space taken up by the user list.


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