Update Discords Source Emojis to Twemoji 11.0



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  • Edwin25

    Check CGP Grey's video on northern ireland. tl;dw It doesn't really have a flag. The others are valid though

  • ✖ Cazzzz ✖

    What about Bosnia and Herzegovina?!? can't be forgettin bout the balkans


  • frenchiveruti

    Yeah, but then they can't sell discord nitro :) 




  • derpystuff.

    It's been one year and discord still refuses to update their emoji set. kinda sad.

  • Redd
    Y E S. Pillows are important, we need them. #Pillows
  • Redd
    this would be a good idea because, like you said, discord is multi cultural
  • Darthy, Darthy Bane

    I totally agree with this. Discord expands across the world with so many different cultures, and ethnicities being represented. Discord should represent all peoples that are apart of this. Please include the Welsh flag so all people can be represented in a positive way.

  • Mac

    Totally agree! Welsh national identity is as important as Scottish or English and they don't have their flags in the emoji list either! 🏴 🏴 🏴

  • Completely agree that all three countries 🏴 Scotland 🏴 and 🏴 should have their own individual identity rather than have to use the 🇬🇧 as this is not culturally correct. We live in the modern 21st century where it astonishes me that we cannot just have three little flag emojis.

  • DippyFreeze

    hi sir roberts! how does it feel to see your group represented every time you turn on the tv?

  • Conner
  • advaith

    @Liarus if you want new emoji, you need to submit them to Unicode

  • ihavenotfallenyet

    You don't need one, there is no straight pride flag.

  • cark

    could always add it as a custom emoji on your own server :) best of luck with it!

  • sawayoshi

    Discord goes off of Apple's emoji list on iOS and Twitter's "twemoji" list on every other device; you'd have to go to one of those to get that implemented. Unfortunately, Discord can't do anything about this without spending countless hours building the emoji system from the ground up.

  • Vanished

    Discord is not allowed to use custom emojis on their app on iOS. It's because Apple does not allow that. If Discord implements the Twitter emojis into the app, they will be probably banned from the App Store and Discord will be deleted from the Store. However, Google Play does not have such rules, they give more freedom to the developers.

  • Grkm
    I don’t think so...
  • Saluki
    Discord does not make their own emojis. Therefore this wouldn't be possible unless their emoji provider creates this emoji. Discord is not currently using the latest emojis, so they could probably update these.
  • BlueTechnician

    Plus you do realize on a server if you have the power to do so you can make discord server emojis and with discord nitro you can use them anywhere on discord.

  • Liarus

    I somewhat agree, but if that's done , shouldn't all sates of the US be added as well ? that sounds like a very big number of emotes to add...

  • KixDudeBlue

    There is one just use a iPhone

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    hi, this isn't discord's problem, it's twitter's. go away.

  • NewAlexandria

    This is an awful emoji set.  I hate every system that I see using it.  Lord please ignore this one over more meaningful, real features that are missing.  (like threads!)

  • funnydusto

    Hey Anna!

    You could easily make your own delicate orange heart emoji!

    Just grab the ol' twitter emoji system and download one of the hearts then revamp their color to orange.

    Then go to your server and make that emoji! If you have Nitro, you can use it EVERYWHERE AROUND DISCORD!!!

    Hope this helped.

  • D1x0n

    there needs to be a biting bottom lip emoji

  • Tiger
    Thats not up to discord, its up to twitter to provide discord with the emojis
  • chloroform chloe

    Why should they update it?
    What benefits does it show?

  • wAffles
    I think that discord won't do this for a while because of the nitro perk... The Emojis are fine

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