Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles



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  • Officiell kommentar

    We've just added this feature! You can find it under Server Settings → Roles. 

    More details in this FAQ:

  • francis..

    I have experience with this problem all the time, but I would suggest making it so only certain roles can tag certain roles. Regarding my server, the people we want tagging certain roles, do not have admin or mod. 

  • Bloodysunset

    I don't see the point?
    If you don't want to be ping, make it clear to your members (by writing a rule in a "rules" channel for example).
    Or suppress all mentions from your server, so you avoid to be pinged. But again, I fail to see why someone would do that?

    Hope it helps.

  • Mr.Mask

    He's saying that he wants to avoid getting pinged and other users and the sudo dident comment about that

  • VanValdenburg

    this should be implemented ASAP

    the tagging for roles is pretty nonsense without this feature

    anyone can tag a role or nobody, this is damn stupid

  • Nemesis

    I agree with Francis. That would solve the problem brought up by Nelly and would give admins more hierarchy control.

    This would be perfect if implemented along with:

  • PwR | Ryan

    yes please

  • Vanon

    This have been asked for so many times, why this isent a thing yer is beyond me! Plece discord just make this happen, it would make our server 100% more efective.

  • ♍KingWolff♍


  • iiSnewoNL

    This has been on since 2016, the release of @mention roles... When will discord do this?

  • Permanently deleted user
    So one of the comments is that it has been around since 2016, is there proof about that?
  • criptixo

    i would love to have this feature its gonna be very helpful in order to manage my discord community

  • Supreior

    I'm having a lot of trouble because of this.


  • Magikarp
  • Zech
    i agree, its annoying to get tagged by someone who is not even an admin
  • AnimeDestroyer

    Barely found this. There was a page on feedback subdomain, but now it's gone.

    I completely agree. This is important functionality and can't be dealt via bots.

  • Mayor

    This would be super helpful for us.

  • Aniky

    U can simply make new roles, then take their permission for tagging everyone and your problem would be solved, therefore having only certain roles ability to tag @everyone and @here.

    I find it easiest to set everyone into certain roles on channel and then adjust the settings u want for them, getting the issue with someone who shouldn't use @everyone solved.

  • iiSnewoNL

    @Aniky Facepalm, when will people read comments fully.

    Certain custom-made roles, not the @everyone or @here role.

  • hiccups


    I think you didn't understood what we are talking about. We are talking about this:

    If you create a new role, you can only decide if ALL or NONE is allowed to ping the role. We would like Role1 and Role2 to be able to ping Role3. But other people don't.
    It's not about the "everyone" role.

  • Mayor

    I think all of you misunderstood the OP. He wants a toggle for only moderators to @mention this role, instead of just having it available for anyone or nobody. @hiccups @aniky

  • Mayor

    For example, I manage the Joe Rogan discord. We have a role for people that want to be notified when Joe goes live. In order to accomplish this, we have to quickly toggle the role as mentionable, mention the role, then go back and untoggle that setting. Would be much easier if we just had a toggle that only allowed moderators to @mention a custom role instead of just ALL or NONE. 

  • hiccups

    @ The Guy In Blue Goggles

    Please do not mix new ideas with ideas from others. If you have another idea, please create your own topic.
    What you are talking about has already been suggested at the link below. Please post there. Thank you.

  • Jiko (liseyann)

    YES. PLEASE. We need this SO badly. It would help so so so much with efficiency. Also, it would reduce the likelihood of a raid lasting too long. This is extremely important, really hope Discord is actually implementing this

  • ¦Mad Guns22¦Ash Darkfire¦

    Massive +1

    If not just allowing Administrator to override an unticked 'Allow anyone to mention @role' maybe perhaps a separate 'Override no mention @role' permission too!

  • Felix

    The role mentions function came out on 2016. And now we are in 2019, many discord servers have grown much much larger.


    In a large community, @role can be really useful and also frustrating.

    We need to @ a smaller group of members rather then just @here or @everyone.

    But there will always be someone typo and end up tagging a role accidentally. #facepalm

    And right now we don't have anyway to prevent it.


    Please actually review and redesign the role mentions function with feather permission settings.

  • st3fan0

    The best solution will be a simple patch who improve a role call system.
    First option will be "allow a mention for this role" (toggle button).
    Second option will be "select roles from the list which has privileges to mention".

  • kennyDAG

    Absolutely. This is a very good idea.

    It will allow us to open up notification settings within a server and allow users to CHOOSE pings(example: only server news, new content, do-not-disturb, etc)

    Please make this a reality discord!

  • TheFutureKnight

    We need that, hopefully it's being worked on

  • NanoCE

    For what Im getting from this, this has already been implemented into discord. You can set permissions for which role gets to @mention and I believe I have experienced multiple times a warning if more than 50 people are @mentioned before my msg gets sent. 



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