Nitro for Bot apps.


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  • Doctor

    @Blastoise186 Such a negative answer. Just because you don't see the purpose doesn't mean plenty of bot developers can't.

  • hexx

    Maybe they could have it for only Nitro users (cross promo) Which would be another reason to buy Nitro?

  • Joni
    Changing bot's discriminator would be a great Nitro feature. But the default discrim should still be random imo.
  • Jamie

    I would absolutely love this.

  • broman

    Bots already have the nitro globally-accessible-emoji feature, so animated PFP would be great!!


  • shard
    Or just make bots able to have these perks without nitro?
  • MysticalApple

    With all of the new nitro features being implemented this would be great. I would love to be able to change my bot’s avatar for specific servers and send longer messages

  • whamer100

    Dude this would be so hecking cool

  • kelsoji

    This would be actually very awesome because it could allow more creativity from the bot owner. Custom profile pictures that could include some information about the bot itself! Love it.

  • GreensaPenguin

    this should be a thing

  • Ibex

    @ThatTonybo how is it abusable? Any more than a regular image is abusable.

  • LuckySuccess

    @thetechguy they cant have animated avatars
    plus with bots that have nitro perks we can have a custom #xxxx after them

  • Timemaster111

    As a developer myself, even just the custom avatars and numbers would be great. It would make sense to have it classic and above get the feature, but it would be nice to see it anywhere even if it was just a full nitro perk

  • Profezzional

    I'm a little late to the party, but one use for this that would be helpful in my case is logging attachments. For a moderation bot, to log attachments, the bot needs to re-upload them in another channel, otherwise, if the original message is deleted, the attachment is gone, if it's no longer cached. It's a rare use case, but for a complete solution, it would be helpful to have a bot be able to log attachments larger than 8 MB, that are uploaded by nitro members.

    In addition, getting larger files, like historical logs, reports, stats, etc., may have its uses, rather than needing to serve files directly from the hosting server or elsewhere.

  • bytepoet

    in a similar situation as Profezzional.  Even if there was a Bot-level for Nitro, it would be most-useful.

  • Happy Fone 🥛

    I think this needs to be a feature because some people’s logos are gifs.

  • TM

    An other option would be to allow users with nitro to not just boost servers but bots aswell to give them higher upload limits/other options

  • AriG4M3R
    Cool !
  • Frosty
    Sounds cool.
  • Ashdearest
    This would be really great.
  • Daffy
    I agree, this would be neat!
  • Prr.Ninja

    this will be nice to see gifs as bots avatars

  • almostsuspense
    iirc you can already have bot pfp
  • Rubicon

    I would appreciate this option because I want my bots to be able to send files over 8mb in size.

  • zelda

    As long as free features stay untouched, sounds acceptable.

  • JayAgra

    This would be amazing, but I would suggest it be priced a little cheaper than Ntiro Classic, because you wouldn't be using the perks as much.

  • winOwO 10

    good one


  • thetechguy
    bots can already have animated avatars. what is the use of this?
  • Zacatero
    I like the idea but unlike with regular people I can't see how noticeable it would be.
  • Voltis

    But only if the owner of the bot has a subscription NITROOOOOOO (basic or not)


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