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  • Panicakr

    Trust me, the regular Discord look is the best you could ask for. If you think it's too dark try using light mode (Settings -> Appearances) or adjusting your brightness.

  • Panicakr

    This question was asked before, so I'll tell you the same thing: Trust me when I say this, but the normal discord themes are better than anything else (from my experience). It would be interesting but probably a wasted effort.

  • Two

    BetterDiscord is against Discord TOS, Wookie Cookie.



  • ZixeSea

    Using Better Discord or other similar app/clients are against Discords ToS and can get you banned so that not really an option.
    But if Discord builds it in the there own app that would be nice.

  • Eric's Music Bot

    That's two of us, I've gotten over 150 emails for this topic alone.
    (A) Please don't post your opinion if someone else has said the same thing, just upvote their comment instead
    (B) It probably isn't happening guys. If you really want custom themes just write your own. Discord is an Electron app so modding it is super easy. There are numerous guides online for this sort of thing, and since it's client-side only, it's undetectable.

  • travelplays
    translation: "Please give me a new theme"
  • imp_lse

    A choice of more themes and the ability to customise them would be awesome. Even having the full customisation part as a Nitro feature would be fine - it would add more of an incentive to pay for Nitro and support Discord, as you're getting more out of doing it.

  • no regrets

    How would CSS create vulnerabilities? It's just a markup language or in other words a "language" for designing web pages.

    The only reason I used better Discord was to use a custom theme and it's relatively easy to design your own. Other mainstream gamer applications like Steam already allow themes.

    I'm not sure how Javascript works but if there is any concern about using actual code in themes, then you could make an official review system where you have to submit the theme including the CSS/Javascript, it gets reviewed, then its approved and users can get it on the Discord Theme Selection. This is what Fandom does as you are able to completely change the wiki and add your own code but it has to be approved first.


    For more of a incentive for Discord to add this, they could make the "Theme Store" nitro exclusive so that more people would buy nitro to have themes. It would be like paying for cosmetics in a game. A lot of people would disagree with this idea but it's better than not having themes at all in my opinion so make it happen discord

  • cj

    As a member of the community, I would like to reinforce my stance. I am not in favor of providing direct access to Discord's css, nor an option to share this css. All I personally want, is an option to provide a background to members.
    Providing access to code limits potential, as backwards compatibility now needs to be guaranteed, and running any arbitrary code is a recipe for exploitation (there is a well known keylogger you can write in pure css for example).

  • ImRoyal_Raddar
    It's not very necessary, Discord Dark & White theme is good.
  • падение

    i would really like this feature
    idk if there is about laws (because ppl could use NSFW pictures) but i really wish to use anime pictures as background
    dark theme is good, but.. after 2 years it begins to be a bit boring ^^ i want not to use something which isn't supported by official discord, so i hope this feature will be added to discord :)

  • brad25577

    100% up for this, would legit buy a theme from the store basic themes at 0.59p and better ones at 0.79p then you could get creators and designers from the community making themes and selling them on your store earning a 10% of profits, but then you could also use the basic themes for free in a nitro subscription as a perk. 

    This is worth investing time into and could be Discord's next big thing. 

  • jedi3
    Better Discord is something I don't think that will ever come back. It causes many problems. The themes and plugins just insert code that cause a security breach. Security breaches is something I am pretty sure that you or others do not want. It would be awesome if they allowed us to do themes and etc, and I hope they make it soon. But maybe not just free. Like have a couple free default ones then the rest that you can upload or have some made by discord for hypesqaud houses as themes to be with nitro. Idk It's just what i think.
  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    While I would enjoy a Quote/Reply function and Message Forwarding, and having better organization of the servers you're in...

    It would be a lot easier for features like that to make it in if you submitted them separately and under different categories. Grouping everything together at once only adds confusion to the pile.

  • Dabbit Prime

    I misclicked and closed this by accident. Apologies. Corrected now.

  • Sosig
    As nice as this would be, it is unlikely that discord would be ok with us uploading custom themes into their files. Best case is in the store we can buy themes approved by them.
  • chloroform chloe

    Discord dosen't even allow local client users to change their cosmetics, why would they change it on their side? Why do we need this feature, what benefits does it show? Besides, looking cool, of course.

  • James

    I think a good way to implement this would be through paid or nitro, that way Discord can use it as a way to earn money for their platform as well.

  • a̶k̶1̶r̶a̶

    Please add this idea to Discord.I can pay for this feature.BLESSRNG

  • YLO

    I don't get it


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