More sounds!


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  • diamonje

    Definitely. I'd love to change sounds specifically. For example as a great meme I could change the call sound to the skype call sound lmao

  • ]TPG[ shado20

    the sounds in discord was changeable at one time, but was taken away. I never get my messages on time as I never hear the stupid sound this POS makes. bring back the ability to change the sounds!

  • Storme the Cat

    The one sound I really think is missing (although others would be appreciated too) is that when you call someone it's just... silent. There's no calling tone. There should be a beeping or a jingle that plays. I find it difficult to know when the person I'm calling picks up or not. I don't really know if the reason I'm not hearing them is whether they haven't picked up yet or the connection audio is just bad/not working. When they finally start speaking it startles me. 📞

  • megane

    I would like to have sounds be different depending on whether they're alerts from a DM, a server, a specific person, the type of ping, etc. It'd help me figure out if it's worth alt tabbing for or not.

  • jorgesolisw

    We need more sound options. For sure.

  • Angel_Morrefni

    Im for either more distinguishable sounds or for the option to set custom sounds. For someone whos using hotkeys to mute himself alot its not super apparent if he just unmuted or muted himself. Its not helping that theres no "youre talking while muted" sound that plays.

  • Ahmed1188

    different sound for mute and unmute


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