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  • appurist

    Without this feature, it is not possible for moderators to actually moderate a channel. It relies on the good will and discipline of the user, and does not provide a way for moderators to correct off-channel posts other than to delete the posting, which often is a source of drama, accusations of censorship, etc.

    I completely disagree with the post above that says this isn't needed. It is a basic feature of any discussion software that has even basic moderation features. Without it, I can no longer say Discord channels can be moderated.  (Only "cleaned".)

  • appurist

    @countofcounts raised a good point about permissions being per-channel (or category), but I think the answer is relatively straight-forward: if the Manage Messages permission allows message deletion and pinning, it's the one to allow message moves.  Now obviously the channel to check on the move (out) is the source channel, but ideally it should also check that the mover has Manage Messages permission on the destination channel too. 

    And yes it is important to preserve the original message integrity (attribution, date/time, contents), etc.

    Similarly, I don't see any need to check if the original sender has Message Post permission in the destination channel; if a moderator of a channel chooses to place a message in a channel, it should just be allowed.  e.g. if I have a read-only #announcements channel, I should be able to move a user message in there rather than copying it and pasting it and losing the message metadata (original attribution, timestamp, etc).


  • Drako

    @mesub the feature is absolutely needed! even if you don't think so. specially if Discord wants to be an All in one place for Gamers to put their guilds, etc...

    It is used to post announcements and specific things to games you cant have a strategy channel and have users post a you tube video about a cat

  • countofcounts

    @appurist I'm against changing an existing permission to have more power.  You have to consider existing servers that are built on the expectation that users with Manage Messages perm can't move messages out of the channel.  With the massive number of servers out there, changing this is just too risky.  We don't know how each of these servers is organized and managed on an individual basis.  Bots will be affected, too, which can cause a lot of destruction if edge cases aren't handled properly.

  • appurist

    @countofcounts I don't consider moving the location of a message to be more powerful than deleting a message, especially when there is no existing "delete message" permission, there is only "Manage Messages" permission which happens to currently include the delete operation.  It should be fairly obvious that if a move operation currently existed for messages, that it would be governed by the same Manage Messages permission that allows the delete. From my perspective, the only issue is that this permission only has a single specific scope, while move requires two.

    I guess my question then is what do you suggest as an alternative? Separate Manage Messages and Move Messages permissions?  I think that would be very confusing to end users given the general nature of "Manage".

    I don't follow the bot concern at all. How can a move be more destructive than the deletes currently allowed on this permission?

  • standardcombo

    I agree with @appurist that removing a message from a channel is very similar to deleting it from that channel and as long as you have the right to manage and add messages in the destination channel, then you should be able to move there. Keyword "manage" here. While more granular permissions give servers more power, less total permissions lower the complexity which leads to better quality servers. I would prefer no new permission on my server. I don't see any risk. If you give someone the power to delete, moving elsewhere is not a big deal and actually seems less powerful.

  • appurist

    @mesub wrote: "I personally think that it isn't a massive necessity, after all the user can just re-post in a different channel"

    I just wanted to add that this wasn't thought through all the way. User A posts something in the wrong place. User B replies with their own off-topic thoughts. User C replies to point out it's off-topic. User B then replies that A started it.

    Then the moderator comes along and either needs to delete 4 messages (censorship! drama!), or move 4 messages (not possible to moderate with Discord), or ask each of the users to move their message to the correct place.  In a specific order. Get 3 users to move 4 messages.  And the second user needs to do it only after the first, then wait again for the third before moving the fourth message.

    It means that with Discord you can only really choose between leaving it all in the wrong place, polluting the focus of a channel, taking discussions off-topic, OR you can delete it all, creating potential censorship and butthurt drama, and possibly lose good posts that contribute something, just because it's in the wrong place.  With move, of course, you retain everything, with attribution, in order, but in the desired channel.

    The permissions UI is not my major concern here, although I don't see it as a problem.  My concern is that the status quo fails completely in this regard, and it's enough that I consider it a showstopper problem if I'm the one who needs to moderate a server, and I'll need to look for alternatives to Discord if this isn't resolved.  (And I love Discord otherwise, and hate Slack.)

  • countofcounts

    @appurist @standardcombo  I still think it's important to thoroughly vet something like this.  Just because there are no apparent problems, doesn't mean there isn't some underlying problem that we haven't considered.  But, if the Discord devs know what they're doing, this is something they would test for in beta beforehand anyway, so... *shrugs*.  

    But for a moment, let's assume there is some issue that's discovered.  My alternative solution would be to indeed make a new permission called move messages and then rename manage messages to delete and pin messages (which is more descriptive anyway).  This shouldn't confuse people, as the names are self-explanatory.

  • countofcounts

    @mesub  The servers that I moderate are frustrating without an ability to move messages.  It seems that no amount of lecturing, announcement-posting, or deleting messages will solve the issue of people posting in the wrong channel.  Either they don't care, or they don't pay attention.  I have a server with two channels labelled #chat and #memes.  I think it's fairly obvious what these two channels entail, yet every day memes end up in #chat and long off-topic conversations happen in #memes.  If I delete conversations, people get upset that the chat history is gone and their conversation was effectively ended.  If I delete memes, then they simply won't repost them (which leads to #memes channel being under-utilized).  And if I, myself, repost their memes for them, then they get upset that I "stole their meme".  It's a losing battle.  We really do need this feature.

  • appurist

    @countofcounts If the Manage Messages permission was renamed, it might cause a bit of confusion due to the change itself, but indeed I think that is better than not renaming it if a split was made to add a second Move Messages permission.  (I didn't realize you were suggesting renaming the existing permission.)

    I don't think anyone making this request would care if the permissions remained a single Manage Messages permission, or if it was split to Delete+Pin / Move or even ideally three Pin / Delete / Move, as long as a move operation became available.

    (I think we are mostly in agreement... or even totally!)

    I'm not intending to try to tell Discord how to implement it, and as a veteran server developer, I know this is not the simple change that others in this thread make it out to be. However, it is achievable and should be taken seriously and an attempt made to implement it in some form.

    It is long overdue and really just needs to become available in some form, whatever form that the Discord developers deemed most appropriate.

  • Jokehr

    I'm just posting here to help show the number of people concerned by this issue. I'm running a small discord channel for roleplaying games and this would really help me keep potentially sensitive information about the story in the correct chats.

  • Sidewinder40

    Problem is that this feature doesn't have enough votes and there are plenty of other requests with more votes. Spread the word and keep upvoting the initial post!

  • Essentiality

    Throwing my hat into the ring. This is a must-have feature!

  • Ari

    Seems silly this isn't a thing. Please let this become a thing.

  • tory

    Yes, another user here asking for this feature. Given that you haven't implemented it for over three years I doubt you guys will do it, buy hey-ho, let's see.

  • Somna

    I would rather "moderate" than "censor", so the moderate position on a post is to move it to somewhere more appropriate. Censoring would be deleting and should only be reserved for something that is so egregious that we might consider kicking the person as well. My peeps make mistakes like anyone. I'd rather just move the message from the ultra important scheduling events channel to the memes channel.

  • Somna

    As far as how the permissions should work with source and target, I think manage messages on source AND target filtered by either manage message OR post message. This would mean that the destination channel you are at least allowed to influence. Someone mentioned allowing a moderator to move a message from a channel they have permissions to to one they don't, but I'm not a fan of that. They should at least have the ability to post or manage messages at the destination.

  • General Whiskers

    Git er doneee

  • Zacatero
    I do not think this should happen. It would break up conversations and more easily allow people to distort context and realities of situations. No thank you.
  • RelmDrifter

    Much needed feature, long over due. Please add message management of moving posts between channels.

  • Gwels

    please, we need this feature!

  • SouprGrrl

    @discordapp Now that you guys have expanded, can you please add a feature where mods could move messages from one channel to another? I see myriad people have asked for this over the past six months at least. As a new mod I am dismayed that I cannot do this very basic function. We often have crosstalk and it drives me insane. I just need the ability to keep everyone on track.

  • Fia

    With mutliple channels on our Discord, people do sometimes post in the wrong one. It's okay but I would love to have the ability to move those messages instead of copying them or asking the member to move it.

  • AliCatGamer

    I would really love to be able to move conversations from one text chat to another. Makes it easier to prevent spoilers being posting in the wrong place. Or when they have conversation that gets heavy handed and should be moved to a different chat. I hate that the only option would be to delete the conversations to stop others getting upset. I refuse to delete them and so it's brought unease to the channel.

  • Iseult

    I am surprised that this isn't something we can do... I figured I was just being dense and couldn't find the command.  

    I do hope they put this in soon.  

  • Apocist

    Why has it taken so long to get this feature?

    It's no wonder the demand for this is so high, otherwise the only other option to to just delete posts (which could be considered unacceptable)

  • Kozy

    Please add this feature! I need to move messages of a type to a specific channel for easier access to information for my players!

  • dreamup

    And if this is one of those features that you think "just build bot", remember that I can pay for a server or I can pay for Nitro, I'm not paying for both. So please take my money.

  • Faeryl

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Discord Devs add this feature!!
    I cannot count how many times this would have been SO HELPFUL!!

  • TazQuebec

    Yes, it is needed!


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