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  • gamma

    I can see this was mentioned that it might be added soon on Discord's Twitter - THREE YEARS ago. What happened? This is almost a no-brainer: admins/moderators should be able to move chat messages when a user posts them in the wrong channel.

  • Nolfinkol

    I too wonder why this isn't a feature already. I see people post messages in the wrong channels all the time and it'd be MUCH easier to just move it to the right channel instead of lecturing people about it. 

    [Edit] And to also help admins make people conscious of the move while avoiding shaming their users, the users who had their messages moved could get a message from the Clyde bot that only they can see. 

    And of course, as Hexenritter suggested, please make it where we can select multiple messages for those long conversations that spring up in irrelevant channels.  

    [Edit] With the addition of threads, even moving messages into an existing thread in that channel after an off-topic conversation has already started would go a long way to keeping channels on topic without punishing others or pestering them to put content in the appropriate channels.

  • Hexenritter

    I would also suggest going one step further and allowing the admin to select multiple posts at once for movement.

  • ReLiC38

    Noob to Discord here.I was just searching for the way to do this, and surprised to see it has been on the "waiting list" for three years. Can anyone from Discord comment on why this has been left behind for so long?  It seems like a basic permission that admins would use regularly.

  • budcavetv

    Seems like Discord dosen't care to add this rather basic admin feature.

  • waspette

    Hello, fellow user that just google searched how to complete this basic interaction and found out it’s IMPOSSIBLE. The ability to move messages to the appropriate channel should not be too difficult for the developers to implement, and would greatly reduce the woes admins/mods feels and the shame participants feel for making a simple mistake that could have gone unmentioned. Come on now, 3 years? Do you see how many people have commented in this week alone? Listen to your users. We are your bloodline.

  • Xarthas

    This should have been a feature long time ago. I'm relatively new at moderating a channel and straight away I'm missing the ability to move posts to other text channels.

  • Cyllarus

    If Discord won't do this, they should post some sort of "Won't Fix" response, at least.

  • Big Bone Babaxiang

    So there's no way to move messages at all??

  • LocoPlaysTwitch

    I definitely agree, it would be very useful to just pick up and move a message from one channel to another. A user perhaps posts a link in the wrong channel, it would be great to be able to hit the option button, click "Move," and choose a channel for it to be shifted to. Preserve timestamp and position in chat timeline, and perhaps send a little private notification to OP, politely letting them know their message has been moved. 

  • PDW - Stratus

    Please add this basic feature.  

  • Izzy🥀

    This is needed. Please.

  • Nikki Chu

    I made a discord group just a couple days ago and already I'm frustrated that it doesn't have this feature... looked online to see if this was a feature I just didn't know how to do since I'm new to discord, and nope!

  • Hexenritter

    Nope. If you want to move a conversation thread, the participants have to copy/delete/paste their posts in the order they were posted. One. By. One.

  • lakea

    Please make this a thing, please make this a thing! I have a server member that insist on posting messages in the wrong channel. It doesn't matter how many times she's asked, she still does it. I alternate between wanting to strangle her and hit her over the head. I'm about ready to change her role so she can only post in one channel but she's a friend's girlfriend and that may cause more problems.

  • Blastoise186
    This would be interesting to see, not least because it would help fix messages which got accidentally posted to the wrong channel in a particular server.
  • Drako

    seriously this is one of the very first features that should have been Done WTH?! Discord dropping the ball

  • ItIsMeCall911

    we need this feature 

  • Mayuulin

    It's such a bummer not to have this feature.

    Of course I can make some rules and scold people who deliberately do not follow those but sometimes it's not about disobeying the rules, it's tired people who just accidentally missed the channel. I don't really want to bother them with reposting and I don't like repost it myself because of two reasons - first of all, that would kind of show off their failure, and second, I'm not always able to do it right away. Also moving a big conversation by myself would look poor.

  • Cybercop

    please add this. its a huge pain as an admin to only be able to request users post specific topics in appropriate text channels and not be able to enforce it other than just deleting a post completely.

  • Cyllarus

    Should also allow designated users to do it as well.

  • ab⚙n🅶r1p

    please discord just add this already its really sorta frustrating that i update discord like every other day and nothing seems to change but something as simple as being able to move messages to the correct channel has not been implemented we have been asking for literally two years now

  • scubastevetxst

    Please add this

  • Timmy Topdeck

    This feature would be really useful.

  • standardcombo

    I need this right now in my server.

  • ArieKlerk

    Here also is a group that MUST have this feature! Why doesn't anybody respond???


  • appurist

    Without this feature, it is not possible for moderators to actually moderate a channel. It relies on the good will and discipline of the user, and does not provide a way for moderators to correct off-channel posts other than to delete the posting, which often is a source of drama, accusations of censorship, etc.

    I completely disagree with the post above that says this isn't needed. It is a basic feature of any discussion software that has even basic moderation features. Without it, I can no longer say Discord channels can be moderated.  (Only "cleaned".)

  • Anon User

    Please make this a feature! Users will always make mistakes and only by seeing the post has moved will they learn!

  • Crissa

    I'd like to be able to move/resend messages to another channel or friend or friend group chat!  Especially ones with discord links in them.

  • Omenoir

    My friends sometimes seem incapable of posting things in the right channel, so I would love to be able to move their content instead of remove it and have them either dig the piece of media up again, or they will just go "Meh, not going to repost it" and it'll just be gone.


    Minor issue, I know, but this would be very nice to have.


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