"Banner" a selected pinned message to the top of a channel.


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  • Yaco

    Please make this a thing. I am a part of a few Discords with 10k+ users on them, and the flow of information could be a lot better if those users coming to our support channels could potentially see an instant answer to a wide spread issue we're working on.

  • dabaldeagul

    That is called topics, you can set one for every single channel.

  • Kailoren

    Funny how I said that they won't work because they don't show up on mobile without going into the channel settings (which is in the same menu as the pinned messages anyway so defeats the purpose of using the topic), and on desktop will only work provided that the message you want to display is pure text and is short enough to actually display along the header of the window.

  • dabaldeagul

    On mobile it is on top of the user list
    On desktop you can click on it to show full message

  • Bored

    Channel topics like the current pin icon are very inconspicuous and this makes them a poor way to inform people as they are not something people's eyes are drawn to. Just because you can put some information there and it's technically visible doesn't make it an effective way of communicating information. Pins right now do a poor job of ensuring people see information and the alternatives are also ineffectual. Having more clearly visible pins would be a godsend and make the life of many a server admin much easier.

  • TimThe
    for this kind of stuff i would suggest using a separate channel (like a announcements channel) that you can direct people to
  • Xblade

    And could have 2 options for these sticky pins:

    1 - Only show once until the user clicks the "x", until that pin is updated.

    2 - Always show that pin no matter what (for super special channels like reporting something specific).

    EDIT: Hehe, I was able to upvote myself. Is that intended?

  • Jarvis

    I agree that this would be useful.  Or even a motd type message that posts when a user joins a channel for the first time each day.  any way to provide standing information to members that is a little more robust then the channel description field.

  • LuckyXIII

    I would prefer to have a interactive topic that is similar to a MOTD so people wont have to open pins or look at the topic which should be used as something else.

  • tamarok

    Could this be addressed by a bot?

  • Random Dude

    ''Could this be addressed by a bot?''


    If it was addressed by a bot, it would be limited to servers that bot is in. It would also be more secure if it was moderated by discord.    

  • Nico

    Yeah I could really use this as a community engagement tactic. I think they should structure it where you can make the channel a "MOTD" channel only, so that certain roles can use it, and you can use channel-specific features.


  • M.

    I like that train of thought but it seems like you could do that by having a channel called motd and updating it every day to only have the new message?
    What I was getting at in the first post was that in a large discord a LARGE number of that group wont look at chat history, pins, or other channels(like announcements channel). They just hop in general and ask  what they want the answer for(like say for example they are asking if a server for a game wiped), just as the last 30 people within the span of 2 hours also did. I dont know that some of these people have ever even seen the announcements channel or pinned stuff lol So if we could display a one sentence pin as a banner at the top of the chat itd help a lot.

  • Lucidarior

    there could be a possible new channel with only announcement-posts in it, e.g. where members couldn't reply, just read posts of this channel there.

    my personal suggestion would be: posts can be pinned also in direct-messages with single users (also in groups on servers too), but the others and especially in a two-user-conversation, it would be way cooler to kinda hide this "user pinned a new post"-hint there.

  • Sonicwave

    I often see servers where the pinned messages are random joke posts (possibly creating the impression that pins aren't for important things), and some servers have both jokes and rules in the pinned messages and expect you to look through it all. A separate sticky message (maybe with the option to dismiss it) that appears in the bottom of a channel would definitely be nice.

    Pinned messages also aren't very intuitive for people who are unfamiliar with Discord, especially on the mobile layout where it's hidden behind a menu and there isn't an indicator when new messages get pinned.

  • gEE

    Please make this happen, so we dont need to have bots do it.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Yes, I agreed and liked this suggestion.
  • Valcrye
    Well one thing you could always do, is you can set the channel topic to whatever you need, and it will always stay at the top unless you edit/remove it
  • Pezzo

    I'd like to support this suggestion please. 

    I like the idea of a MOTD-style pop-up that appears when a new member of the server enters a new channel, as well as one that pops up when they join the server in the first place.

    Like others have said, pinned messages aren't very conspicuous, and I'd add that even channel descriptions aren't that conspicuous either. One of my servers isn't too big but we have to tell people to read pinned with increasing frequency.

    Users will often gloss over the description and even more often fail to realize that there's more to the description and they have to click on it to see it.

  • AnyMe

    Nobody is going to scroll for 10 minutes to get the description

  • xandara

    I would 100% use this feature.

  • Wyze

    I agree we need a solution for forcing users to see key information. Pins and announcement channels do not solve this issue currently. A message of the day functionality would start to address this, but if that were the case, I'd like to see it as an option for every channel. 

  • Pezzo

    So community servers have had the option to show new members a popup with a welcome message and links telling what different channels are for, which is almost exactly what we're asking for. Only thing is that I'm not entirely sure why this is restricted to community servers. Also, it'd still be nice to pin a chosen message to the top of a channel or force the description field to expand to fit its entire text.

  • GIVN-Chewba

    Any update on this ?

  • 100% approve of this idea. Each separate channel should have the ability to pin a message banner to the top of the room. Pinned messages are nice for reviewing OLD info, but are not good for forcing people to read info that is relevant NOW.

  • Ryuhouji

    I also 100% agree and want this feature. Please do it.

  • psg_ignis

    This is a really good idea!

  • Walsh

    I would love this idea. Would be great to use applo bot to make an event then pin that as the MOTD / Banner on a channel. User dismissable (of course)

  • Mehmet

    Is there any ambition to enable this feature?
    Having the Channel Topic displayed as a banner at the top of each channel would make it much easier to instruct community members on what the channel is about. At the current moment, the Channel Topic is completely ignored, which leads to sending the same message with instructions over and over again!
    Having alternatively pinned messages as a banner would also be a good solution. Both approaches would help here. Please, just add one of these features!

    Here is the same request but as more popular version: 


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