Sugestion. Grid menu with all Discord servers you are connected to.


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  • Blastoise186
    I like this one - I am in far too many servers myself and desperately need a better way to manage and re-organise them all.
  • 08wckster08

    I agree with this, I was just talking to some friends across a few servers and the way theyre set up is really a pain IMO this could be better with multiple different views or maybe allow us to group multiple servers like 4 at a time into 1 bubble and have that branch out or something. Or maybe a double bar setup or something there is a ton of wasted space IMO. Either way we all def need a new way to manage/organize our servers

  • Cat W

    Surprised this still doesn't exist. I've been meaning to organize my server list for a while, but it just is a massive hassle when they're all in one long line I have to scroll down, limiting the amount of servers you can see at once and making it difficult to move a server more than a couple places down.


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