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  • Lorena lopez

    Creating a desktop icon or a script that automatically joins a specific voice channel on a specific server in a voice chat application like Discord or Teamspeak can be a handy automation. While these applications may not directly support such functionality out of the box, you can achieve this through scripting or using third-party tools. Here's how you can approach it:

    Discord Example:

    • Install Discord API Wrapper: You can use a Discord API wrapper library like (for Python) or Discord.js (for JavaScript) to interact with Discord programmatically.
    • Write a Script: Create a script using your preferred programming language that utilizes the Discord API wrapper to connect to Discord and join a specific voice channel on a specific server. You'll need to provide your bot token and server/channel IDs in the script.
    • Create a .bat File (Optional): If you want a clickable desktop shortcut, you can create a .bat file that runs your script. The .bat file would essentially execute your script when clicked.

    Here's a simplified example using Python and (you'll need to install first using pip install

    import discord
    from discord.ext import commands

    bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix='!')

    async def on_ready():
       print(f'Logged in as {bot.user}')

    async def join(ctx):
       channel_id = YOUR_CHANNEL_ID_HERE  # Replace with your voice channel ID
       channel = bot.get_channel(channel_id)
       if channel:
           await channel.connect()
           await ctx.send("Voice channel not found!")'YOUR_BOT_TOKEN_HERE')  # Replace with your bot token


    In this script:

    • Replace YOUR_BOT_TOKEN_HERE with your Discord bot token (you'll need to create a bot and get its token from the Discord Developer Portal).
    • Replace YOUR_CHANNEL_ID_HERE with the ID of the voice channel you want to join.

      Once you have the script ready, you can create a .bat file with the following content:

    @echo off

    Replace with the actual path to your Python script.


    • Be mindful of Discord's API rate limits and terms of service when creating bots or automated actions.
    • For Teamspeak or other voice chat applications, you would need to explore their API or scripting capabilities to achieve similar automation.

    Let me know if you need further assistance GM Socrates or have specific questions about any part of the process!


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