when u post images and add a text, such text should appear below the image, not above it


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  • Esci

    well the image is loaded after the message
    if you really wanted it to load above you should ask for a option for channel settings

  • Greem

    I can see this. you add a caption to an image and half the time someone doesn't see what you said because it's too far up.

  • HighLander

    Completely agree with this one. Same as with any other form of media. Image/Photo description is put below the image.

  • decaf non-dairy Alex

    Agree. Whether it's a permanent change or a setting on server or account side. I often have to post photos first and then post my comment about the photo, but if someone comments before i can post my comment, it can become disjointed. Many of my friends also have a problem with the photo description being above the photo.

  • swords

    With replies it's more important than ever that the text explaining an image be directly attached to the image. A reply to an empty image post provides little context without clicking to scroll to the post. But more often than not an image is better explained after it's been seen, not before.

    If not just by default, I'd like to see this as an option you can set when posting an image. This would give the flexibility to decide the best order based on the content and context. A user setting could allow it be set by default, or it could just remember the previously used setting (or better yet: a rolling average so isolated deviations don't cause it to subvert user expectation).


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