Discord Niro Free Trial



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  • ||Jojo||
    I know this suggestion is old, but I want to mention there was now a free Nitro gift for HypeSquad Members event. I think alot of people were able to test it already with it.
  • Bernd

    I think this is a cool idea. If you are feeling cool with the stuff in nitro, you can keep up the coolness by continuing the coolness for money, if it is not as cool as expected, or if ur friendz dont think ur that cool, you can still get outa there, still, not burn up all that nitro feul.

  • tor

    there is already a 1-month trial










    (if you enter your credit card info :wink:)

  • tor

    and this could be abused my making alt accounts and stuff

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    a month? half a week at most.



  • AustralianAccent

    eh doesn't matter that can be their choice

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    and if their choice is a month it will put them out of business. see why it's better to have a shorter one?

  • MrAgentBlaze

    I like this Idea

  • SchwiftyMoe

    I think it would be a great idea. Get a taste. If you don't like it. Spit it out.

  • karl-police

    As far as I remember. Discord gifted a one month Nitro code to all users that were in a HypeSquad house and you had to give the code to someone else, because you couldn't redeem the code that you got gifted, you had to find someone that gave his gifted code. And I liked on how the redeem worked.


    This might doesn't have to do with a free Trial, but it is in the category of free. Discord basically did a free trial thing.

  • Draco
    +1 Nice idea but I don't see this being added anytime in the future since gifting is a thing and so you can technically get nitro for free (for a month or a year) if someone gifts it to you, but hopefully I'm wrong
  • Warriorfoox
    Every function of Discord Nitro is clearly stated, and the free trial system could lead to the application being breached (take Spotify and Amino for example) and abusing the free trial system.
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Oh. Agreed. 1+
  • Emma

    If we could have nitro trial people will just constantly create new accounts to get free trials

  • send me dem hate dms on discord, i dare ya

  • Tiger
    I could see this being abused easily
  • almostsuspense

    One day, not 7 days, usable once per account but good idea

  • Kitsune

    Account creation takes a minute, it would be easy to make a new account each time and get free nitro forever

  • Siddhant Mashalkar

    there is/was a free trial. i got the free trial  5 days ago. i don't know if its still there

  • Eros ⚡

    how to get a free trial nitro?

  • lord-morok1

    Can I please have nitro

  • 几乇乂ㄩ丂

    Pls give me nitro for 1month or 10days

  • soh

    I want discord classic nitro trial please

  • itxburx_uchihaok

    I want nitro classic pls pls pls

  • ₽€&

    I want nitro plsss

  • 24434Accepted

    Me pliss nitro


  • Emilio dePaco

    Würde das gern testen

  • Wolfx

    Why Do You Capitalize Every Single Letter?

    Doesn't make you special, you know

  • emmi^

    nitro pls


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