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  • The Killer20


    I think you can configure that in settings of the server settings > Community > OverView > Server Primary Lenguage.

    I don't know if this is what are you looking for. 


  • deniz ercan

    If you want the server widget to display in a specific language for your German visitors, you have a few options:

    Server Language: Change the language of your Discord server to German. This will update the server widget to display in German for all visitors.

    Custom Widget: Create a custom widget using web development skills. You can use Discord's API to fetch server information and create a widget in your preferred language. This would require more technical expertise but offers greater customization. çam terebentin yağı 

    Contact Discord Support: Reach out to Discord's support or community forums to inquire if there have been any updates or if there are hidden settings for changing the server widget's language. Discord may have introduced new features or settings since my last update.

  • Ahamd hassan

    Adding language options to server widgets can be a fantastic idea, especially when catering to a specific audience. Allowing visitors to select their preferred language enhances user experience and engagement. This feature could significantly benefit your German-speaking audience by making the server widget more accessible and user-friendly.


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