Multiple Reactions and Send_Message_Object Endpoints


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  • DarthStroyer

    Great suggestion. I'm using reactions for interactive messages, where the message will be updated when certain reactions are used. The bot creates the message and then adds the available reactions one by one, which takes a second or so per emoji. It's frustrating to wait for them to appear one by one.

  • zariem

    Excellent suggestion!

  • PRAZ

    I use reactions as the primary way in which users interact with my bot, and the biggest complaint I have from users right now is how slow it takes for the 6 possible reaction responses to appear on messages.

  • Hyperclaw79

    It's been two years, so many people are wishing for it but it's still not implemented lol...

  • Zhav

    I agree. Forcing the user to wait seconds on end to interact with a bot sucks; Even more so when this is the most user-friendly approach.

  • Durmoth

    Would be good to see this :)

  • erickmiser

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