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  • Blastoise186
    Not advisable - this would open up the potential for edit abuse and other headaches
  • I think this is actually a good idea, it would allow for a more flexible way of handling eg. some words, that you don't want on the server. This way you can fully automate the process instead of needing to have mods on a server 24/7 to delete messages, and completely breaking the understanding of conversations. I have seen so many times where mods delete large portions of messages leaving suddenly huge gap instead of a nice cleanup.

  • yeago


  • Haew

    Not sure why it is downvoted. Imagine the custom markups you could have with a bot, or a way to automatically add spoilers. 

    There could not be abuse if it's well-handled with permissions, and a mention "edited by xxx" like the current one.

  • Arckangel00

    No offense, but i`ve been waiting for years the moment discord allows me to edit and/or move between channels, the messages from other users with lower permissions than me.. it could make my life as the owner of a little server so much easyer... not to metion most of my moderators had asked me if i could give them such permisions and begged me to find a way to do so.
    lso... why the hell all messages have an ID if we cant make use of it, like... at all?

  • weird_pusheen

    This is a really good idea. As a bot developer, I can say that human users would abuse it, but bot users would not. I definitely vote yes to this.

  • joji

    +1 to this, surprised this isn’t already supported

  • DoomReaper

    This would make my life a helluva lot easier. 2 yrs ago and no implementation yet? Such a shame and wasted potential.

  • itay

    hi how i can bulit bot new?

  • tonî++

    yes please do this, this has so much potential


  • PerfectlyPanda

    I Agree But To Prevent Fake Messages I Would Advise It Has

    "Edited By: (Bot Name/Bot User)"

  • Źéó

    Honestly that would be handy ! VERY HANDY !!!

    I've been in several forums for decades either as an Admin, Mod, User and I can tell this is an excellent feature to have.

    Of course bad intentioned people could abuse that feature but there's something that could be done and help against that...

    When you edit a post on Discord there's a small message saying "Last edited" or "Modified" well in that case, if an admin/mod edit/fix a somebody's else message there should be a statement saying "Modified by xxUserNamexx" and maybe adding a "Reason" as an optional option for example...

    " Visit my website : "

    Admin/Mod could edit and fix the message to www and fill the optional reason box with "Your link was missing a w")

    Here's my struggle right now ↓↓↓

    That could be for many kind of thing example for listing date of events, projects update and like the people above said... With proper roles/rights only authorized people could edit my messages (It could be specific too) example I could right click on my message in the picture and make Jonny's section editable by him and only him and same for Nova, but it won't affects the other post on the server.

    I'm just throwing out ideas to make Discord even greater and better ! Keep rocking on Discord W00T W00T !!! :D :D :D

  • MatrixSystemPVP

    The Feature to let a Bot edit all messages would be nice for example to create a system that "removes" bad words in messages. For example it will replace a bad word to F*** or something like that.

    My Idea to prevent abuse is to only allow this feature to be used by Verified Bot's.

  • Victor B

    Yes it would be really nice for a bunch of things, a less known use would be a bot to convert Esperanto's x-sistemo to accented letters (cx --> ĉ, sx --> ŝ...) so that if a user writes

    Saluton al cxiuj

    The bot would edit it like

    Saluton al ĉiuj

  • Victor B

    And I don't know why fake messages would be a problem as there's the (edited) thing. The idea of putting something like Edited by: bot seems to me really good too

  • ReMiiX

    @Victor B, this was also my usecase. I got around it using webhooks:

  • infini



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