Feature to add bots to a group chat


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  • ᴋʀɪꜱᴛʏ ʙᴇᴀʀ

    Moderation bots may not be liked by all but leveling bots would be handy. As I tend to talk more in group DM than in servers so I could level up more. :)

  • Panic

    Would love to see this.

  • jlennoxg

    This would be great! Please can we have this!

  • Karic

    I literally require this so that I can run a D&D game on discord with both music and video without using a third party website

  • !German

    Amazing idea. I just want a music bot for a group dm! 


  • ItsBenny_

    We need this!

  • iPat720


  • Ashton
    No point if you want a bot go to a discord server or make one if you and friends are full on guilds well that's there problem tell them to leave one or something, also the description is to small if you want people to upvote maybe you should explain more and write a paragraph on this suggestion. anyway the only thing you can really do is like play music witch one of you can screen share and enable sound or play it through there mic! anyway not useful downvote Sorry! 😦 -Fusee
  • Nani!?

    If its dm, then there should just be you and the other person, just create a new server with your friend and invite whatever bots you want to the server.

  • ZerMal.kzb />
    I have trouble understanding the usefulness of this.
  • kyoko

    What do you mean? It is already in the api just ask a dev to implement it. f.eks. the r/norway server has a bot that sends messages to staff if you write to it in dm

  • Heinrich Vonderheyde

    I am trying to do a dice rolling bot for my server, how do I go about it ?

  • vxn

    great idea!

  • Ninbura

    Would love if this was a feature!

  • charitwo
    Seems reasonable.
  • jojo la friture

    yes it's a great idea

  • Kendra

    I'd love to be able to invite music bots to group DM calls.

  • eternal sadness

    Sounds cool

  • Ching Chang

    I really need this

  • honeybunzz

    lowkey im trying to add mafia and uno to my groupchat and it's not woRkiNg-

  • idk how this hasnt been done already

  • Tother

    I would love to see this, however you must understand, with how easy it to make a discord bot, and all of the things said bots can do, it's alot of API requests going through discord, and I think it's safe to say there would be a LOT more people using group dm bots in comparison to guilded bots

  • Solan The Trash Bag

    I agree

  • Lony (ろに)

    Wow ! It's a great idea !!

  • an imposter!

    please this. I rely heavily on a particular bot for most conversations, and I don't want to create a whole server just to talk to one person

  • pitweval

    I specifically need this so I can do a group DM with video, and have a bot like the AVRAE bot for 5E D&D,  We use this bot to handle things like initiative, attack rolls, etc. and it's broken that I can't just have that functionality in the group DM.  I also like to use background music, so it would be good to be able to add something like the Hydra bot to a group DM.

  • ratchetyclank

    This would help everyone a lot.

  • ratchetyclank

    I don't know why discord hasn't done it yet

  • monke


  • monke

    I just want rythym in groups thats all 


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