Changing Avatar too fast?


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  • Cant say you dont care when you’ve responded to this same thread over 15 days. Dont lie to yourself dude. Stop defending your useless point nobody cares about and stop white knighting for discord. You’re clearly angry and we all can see that seeing how youll keep responding and you’re triggered over people changing their profile picture. If this triggers you then you cannot be helped.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    You seem to think that replying is directly related to caring. You're incorrect. I reply because you post and ask me too. This obsession you children have with "white knighting" is too funny. Someone feels different than you and backs it up with half a dozen business reasons why your request doesn't make sense, yet I'm the one who is triggered.

    You literally can't be bothered to simply crop your photo before uploading it, and you want Discord to change their platform so you can just change it over and over again as much as you want. I'm the triggered one, but you can't figure out profile pictures in an online platform in 2019. Might wanna reevaluate your stance. lol

  • Krio

    I mean, why reply saying you aren’t upset at downvotes and give it the attention if you didn’t care? Your passive aggressive “lol” is such a brutal weapon XD

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Once again, you seem to believe that simply replying to an ongoing thread means I care about the vote system somehow. If I did, why keep posting when all of you will just downvote each thing I say? Logically, I wouldn't. So obviously you're wrong.

    That's the difference between my arguments and yours. Everything I've provided as a basis for why I feel this change isn't needed is based on business justification and logic, as well as a bare minimum of expectations for common sense and effort from the user base. All I get back is "but we wants it" and laughs about downvoting my disagreements.


  • Krio

    You made a reply that was only about the downvotes, nothing about the thread. That’s why it sounds like you are upset.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I was replying to someone who specifically targeted a response at me, so as not to ignore them. I did not come here, see the downvotes, and make a post to lament them or bemoan those who made them. There's a difference.

  • Flershnork

    You know I somewhat understand where you’re coming from with this DarkHerald but there are times where mistakes can be made that you urgently need to fix and sometimes not so much. When I did mess up framing my image I just waited it out and got an idea for how much blank area around should be present; this situation didn’t matter and shouldn’t be worried too much about. But, when I was setting my profile picture recently I almost set it to a picture of my face which I don’t want people seeing. So just remember situations can arise where that cooldown can be an actual worry.

  • Flershnork

    Really I can see both sides of the argument; personally I would prefer a shorter cooldown but, whether it gets changed or not it would seldom affect me.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I do get it, I see why people are asking for it. I'm just presenting both sides. Running a large server that does occasionally get raided, and often gets random trolls, I tend to think about what's best for communities.

    People can already change their names as often as they want, and if a nickname isn't applied to override it they can list any racist or vulgar term they want and it'll show up for everyone to see. Mods can override that with a nickname, but what can be done about pictures? Nothing. Your solution to vulgar profile pictures is kick/ban.

    If you allow people to change their pictures as fast as they want, consider that trolls will certainly set NSFW images as their profile pics, then change them to something normal for a few minutes, then change back to the NSFW for a few seconds to make sure people see it, then change it back again to avoid getting caught and play the innocent "what, my picture isn't NSWF" when called on it.

    If you don't think trolls would do that (and are already doing it), you don't have a server big enough to have to worry about it.

  • PhantomFuryYT

    I’m having trouble uploading a profile picture to my discoed account. I’m on the mobile app and every time I go to change the picture, it doesn’t apply and there is no save button in the options menu

  • Tostachi

    I know I'm a little late to the party but I read through DarkHeralds and Avers little go at each other and honestly it was bs they had to go to that length to feel good about what they said. First off, the cooldown could be reduced because yes there are people that don't understand how discord profile pics work and yes they might need to change it more than twice. Quite frankly who cares about profile pictures changing repeatedly, if you can't handle such a small thing like that, that's a you problem that maybe you should fix. I've worked in the retail and service industries and guess what they always told me, "The customer is always right" (Yes, given some slack on rules and Company policies) but honestly at this point like Aver said if they can't and/or don't want to reduce it either add a preview of what it'll look like in smaller sizes and/or after they auto-adjust it. That's all I will say on this topic, thank you and good bye.

  • Vemy

    Big Mama likes this idea 

  • bryan

    Thanks for this thread, i encountered a 10 minutes cooldown and decided to surf the net on this topic and now i read finish the drama i can go back and re-fix

    is darkharald paid by discord or what? no need to disagree with what the users have to say all the time

  • DarkHeraldMage

    No I'm not paid by Discord, but here's a life lesson - sometimes people are going to disagree. They'll often offer up counterpoints to show why they disagree. It's called intelligent conversation and debate. lol

  • hold your colour

    I got locked out of changing my image found this thread and I logged in to say DarkHeraldMage let go already everyone disagrees with you.

  • Moor

    Yes, the cooldown should be less aggressive. I am not a serial avatar changer but when I do it usually takes me a few tries to find one I actually like and/or I have a few options I want to try because I try and make it match my username color across all servers. Ten minutes is just really aggressive. 

  • i_did_somethin

    Ok i was trying out new profile pictures and im serious the cooldown has to go. All of the pictures I chose looked ok from a larger view but just look weird when they're as small as you need em. It's incredibly frustrating to have to wait 10 minutes between every change.

  • i_did_somethin

    Also a wuick note to darkherald: i understand you have a point of view too, but honestly I can't agree. Don't ask me about code or other complex meanings, but the only real meaning of the post was to make the cooldown shorter or nonexistent. And people change their profile pictures a lot (including me) and waiting TEN MINUTES between changes is extremely annoying. It depends on the kind of person you are, and some of us shake it up a lot. About communities, it's really easy to check a person's 4 number thing (sorry im new to discord) because that's unchangeable. If you're worried about people masquerading as other people then get Discord to do something about making multiple accounts. Thanks and goodbye

  • AverBeg

    The problem is you can't crop an image the way you like in the discord client so getting it right while trying to do specific things can be a bother without a visual representation of what the end goal is, it just resizes and the circle display cuts things out. If you have a specific end goal in mind, text in the image for example, it's pretty annoying fitting it in while working around the time limit after 2 tries.

    It's not a complex issue to implement a less aggressive timer or another smaller preview, it's just not on the agenda.

  • Lady Quacks

    I too locked myself out because I couldn't decide between a few avatars and wanted to see them in the tiny icon on the side. I would like to thank DarkHeraldMage for making enough people upset at him to comment, and then to continue to annoy people by commenting back and forth. Reading this thread took me the 10 minutes it took to unlock my icon and put the one I wanted up. My two cents is I understand the lock out it's just really long. I'm not a coder or engineer or anything fancy - I'm an average person who just wanted to change her icon to a fat cat and I don't know what a picture will look like once it has been adjusted to fit Discords format. What I do know is 10 minutes is kind of annoying. 

  • DarkHeraldMage

    You're welcome! Glad I could help so many people unite in such a frivolous campaign for something so easily handled by your own efforts and intelligence. It tickles me how many people are up in arms because they need a software solution to a problem they cause by not being able to decide "between a few avatars" or being able to copy a square photo. :) I'm so glad I have this comment thread as well, it gives me hope that people who program will always have work, because people who can't do anything for themselves will always insist on people doing it for them.


  • alexandra

    at least remove this option for nitro users....its so irritating. 

    sometimes i dont like the look of my icon when its really small in chat, since the preview is the bigger ver.

  • FriendXPrime

    How about allowing unlimited uploading of avatars into the previewer when preparing to change avatars then starting the cooldown on when the avatar is actually implemented.  Also the addition of a link like on the avatar page that could allow users quick access to a free gif cropping service wouldn't hurt.

  • FriendXPrime

    @Lady Quacks this is even a problem for coders and engineers since I am both.

    @DarkHeraldMage I agree with the need of the lock for server security and resource savings.

    Also I know how easy it would be to code a few text lines in of warning if nothing else.  So users are not surprised by the lock.

  • Dbait

    My personal solution to this issue is just if using the actual Discord app, just open Discord in your browser and the cooldown will be reset and the profile picture can be changed from there. Simple. As. That.

  • tuna star

    this is probably the funniest thread ive had the blessing to read all night

  • _11

    Brace for text wall:

    I made my PFP (Thats why its kinda garbage). I made the 'M', gave it a circle background (which was ~300px squared), and then exported it and uploaded it. I press the save button, go back to chat, and discover the part of the image discord uses for PFPs is NOT edge to edge. This meant I needed to guess and test to figure out how much I needed to pad the image by for it to be centered and cropped properly. Unsurprisingly, it took more then 2 trys. So yeah, some form of preview, lowering the cool-down to something more like 1 minute, or making some sort of custom cropper that allows you to choose what part of the image is used would be a really good idea. (if you look at my pfp as it shows here it still isnt quite right)

    Now some responses to some of the comments by Darkherald, just cause I am bored and have nothing better to do:

    Firstly, the comments on complexity and serverside strain: I have been programming for 7 years and know very well how quite a lot of things, especially servers work. As far as removing the cooldown goes, the only logical way of implementing it is taking the current timestamp, adding a period of time to it (in this case 10 minutes), then blocking any changes until that time passes. So all that would be needed to change the cooldown is to change how much time is added on. As for server strain, discord is probably getting multiple image uploads a second, 1 more image upload wouldnt be an issue.

    As for the comments about the customer not always being right, yeah you are correct, but that doesnt mean you disregard feedback. (Though that should be rephrased to something like The customers opinion matters)

    Now, I do respect that even though you have very strong feelings about this topic, you were still happy to help that guy who wanted to hide PFPs. You, like me and a couple other people I have ran into have very strong opinions, but are happy to help people who dont annoy them. Also some of your arguments are definitely valid, like the recent one about people changing their PFP to something NSFW, then changing it when or before they get called out. That certainly must be considered.

    So thats my 2 cents on the matter, if nothing else I found reading this thread entertaining, so thank you for that.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Good stuff Minecrafter_11, all good points across the board. /thumbsup

  • OptionalJoystick

    I think raising it to 3 attempts is probably fine. I keep forgetting about this and so this situation plays out:

    Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between two avatars.
    This one? Or this one?
    Yeah, the first one definitely looks better. Wait, now I can't switch!?

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Why not just post the two images in chat and then select the one most well liked? Seeing it in a circle isn't *that* different. lol


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