Changing Avatar too fast?


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  • iRiddex

    Honestly, cooldown really needs to go. Sure, discord gives you a preview of what your profile pic will look like, but you don't get to see it how it is when it's small, aka how it is when it actually matters. Changing a profile pic multiple times is not harmful, so why is there a pointless cooldown.

  • .☹.

    Get rid of cooldown.

  • AverBeg

    The cooldown for changing usernames more than twice is 24 hours DarkHerald. People may be able to change server 'nicknames' but not their actual username as much as they like. The 10 minute cooldown for changing avatars was brought in to stop people from abusing the avatar function using scripts to create a free 'animated' avatar. For this reason, a 10 minute cooldown is too aggressive. A 30 second cooldown would be apt, even. Discord does not offer proper previews for the smaller icons used in servers, which is what people mostly see, and it's silly. In fact, on most devices, even the big preview shown is flawed, showing white borders, and then after hitting save it resizes the image to fit properly in the circle. Coming back every 10 minutes to crop/ resize an image twice because it doesn't represent user's preference and cuts out important parts is quite an annoying thing, for people like me who have problems with the framing of circular images being automatically changed upon saving, it is an issue that needs to be addressed. I would love to get it right on the first try, I feel like since they introduced such an aggressive cooldown, having a proper preview in the user settings page should be a high priority. Instead we have a (from what I understand) mostly unused games & store tab. If I want to buy games, I go on steam. If I want to launch games, I have to open steam anyway. Steam already has a quick launch option, and we can already make desktop shortcuts. Trying to turn discord into a one stop shop for gaming instead of further bettering the core functionality of the client is something I wholeheartedly disagree with, and I thought Discord's priorities were better than this to be honest. I agree with most of the decisions made by the Discord staff and I love this chat client to the death, but, the cooldown has been a problem for over a year, and instead I see my personal tab filling up with trash I'm forced to look at on launch. I hope they'll fix it soon, and include an option to hide tabs by user preference soon.

  • AverBeg

    Dark Herald, way to latch onto a side argument and be generally abrasive for no good reason. Anyhow, does that mean you use the integrated discord functions such as game launching and store purchases? I doubt discord needs help "staying alive", it's the most popular iirc in the world and will be for a long time to come.

    No it's not "the end of the world", but I never said it was, did I? I said it's been a problem and had a lot of complaints for over a year, it's a simple fix to implement a proper preview system, or lower the CD. It's also definitely a core client issue, not an add-on as the things that I was mentioning are. They should've done it by now is my point. Pretty simple.

  • may🌸

    This thing needs to go, or at least make it much shorter of a cooldown.

  • AverBeg

    DarkHerald, I'm sorry, are you a programmer? Do you even know the 'complexities' that you speak of? If you did, you would know that how popular the platform is, and the bandwidth of image upload being done more than twice per 10 minutes has 0 implications on the kind of servers Discord has, and even less to do with how simple a proper preview would be to implement. You think store integration and quick launch functions were easier or something?

    What the hell are you talking about, MySpace? You realise MySpace was made redundant because of it's core functionality being outdated (the exact kind of thing I am talking about, forcing users to do things the hard way), and because Facebook filled that gap, right?

    Where do you think developers get insights from? Users giving feedback. It has nothing to do with having a 'cry' because I don't get my way. I'm simply stating facts and my point of view for others to gain insight from.

    You on the other hand, I'm sorry but, you literally make no points that actually make sense, there is major gaps in your knowledge and even more in your research & reasoning to be arguing over technicalities. Just another internet troll making a huff-puff over people and things he knows little to nothing about to fill some kind of void left by your obvious insecurities.

    I have nothing more to say to someone such as yourself, seek help, and enjoy your life.

  • DatMemeLord

    Ok this just went from people asking " Hey discord, can you have some of your extra programmers make a small change" and yes it would take a bit but it would take no more then a single business day. You dont have to try to "win" or "get the upper hand" and take a simple debate into a argument about other programs and websites. I am a small time coder so don't say I'm full of s*it. But the bottom line is if discord would take some time to listen more to the community for a single update rather then trying to reinvent the wheel then we wouldn't have pages like this and they would find there fan base will grow and be more active then it already is just from one small change. That's my two cents.

  • Auxiliary IV

    I'm trying to figure out the common sense of the person that added the cooldown for 2 pfp changes.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I'm trying to figure out the urgency in changing your PFP so many times.

  • AverBeg

    DarkHerald, you seem to like to point out how I am being unreasonable for "such a small issue" but then you spend your time formulating and expending so much energy on some kind of long-winded debate over something so 'small'.

    If it were the case that it's insignificant or 'will literally do nothing to improve the platform' as you say, then why would people be giving this feedback in the first place? Just because it's not of importance in your opinion, doesn't mean it is not in many other users' eyes, the proof is in how many people agree with your POV here, for example.

    You like to throw around a lot of broad terminology but no real specification on what kind of consequences the implementation of either feature would have. If you knew anything, you would say it. So if you do, please explain exactly how a lower CD would have a negative effect on the bandwidth of Discord servers? Being that it's going to be downscaled before upload, the images are low in size, and given that it's a quick process for a server to handle, I don't see how that point has any real substance, it's just an assumption. How would making a preview that shows different resolutions of the same image on a web-based platform be THAT difficult? It's a web based platform. The coding is simple, updates to the user interface, are relatively simple. Something like this, inherently, would be a simple process. It's that simple, simple. There's no giant problem I see, the space on the client is right there. All it would take is having another image scaled client-side (which it already does) at a lower res and put next to it. Acting like the implementation or bandwidth of the servers is a giant problem is based on assumption and is really just you trying to prove a point. 

    If we're talking business here then I have a simple phrase for you; the customer is always right. The users are the ones that are on this platform the most, speaking of holding up their 'market share' and 'investor opinion' is irrelevant when we're talking about user feedback, it doesn't devalue what the USERS want. You talked yourself about Discord going the way of MySpace, ignoring that fact is the quickest way to get there. Who is proving who correct, exactly?

    There's no real reason to be using blanket terminology and somehow demonizing others' perspective as 'feeling privileged' or as if 'feeling as if discord owes you something' unless your sole purpose was to win your argument. The 'facts' you speak of are biased, your POV is biased, and you yourself, are passive aggressive and unreasonable in every single post here. As you can see I have plenty to say, but clearly, you may assume whatever you wish that helps yourself get up on that high horse of yours. Why would anyone take you seriously when you're so clearly arrogant, opinionated, and, argumentative for such an 'insignificant' reason? You're full of it. I'm not wasting any more of my time, let the community speak for themselves.

    I won't be falling for any more silly little baits of yours, just wanted to leave this here to show the absolute hypocrisy of your attitude. Enjoy your one-sided debate victory which I'm sure is inevitably coming after raking everything I say for anything you can twist to keep your ego intact.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    DatMemeLord, nobody's saying you're full of sh*t. And I'm certainly not saying Discord shouldn't listen to their community.

    All I'm emphasizing is that there needs to be some consideration for time and effort invested, and take the time to make enhancements that actually enhance the platform and will mean something to more than a very tiny pocket of the user base. That's not to say small changes shouldn't ever be made unless they affect everyone, but it's a matter of priority.

    There are far more servers that would benefit from increasing the maximum number of channels. There are far more users who have been asking for years to have better organization of servers in the left navigation pane.  There are far more requests for better role management and applications. There are just far more pressing issues than "I want to change my profile pic as much as I want and as fast as I want".

    That is my point.

    And as for AverBeg, you lost all credibility when you tried to base the reasoning for making this change on "the customer is always right". lol No they are not. They are always the customer, and feedback should be listened to, but they are by no means absolutely right, and no company is beholden to do whatever a customer tells them to simply because they're a customer.

    As a customer, I cannot walk into a vegan restaurant and tell them I want a 32 ounce steak and I want it while a professional opera singer serenades me, and I want it free - and I should get it, because I'm the customer.

    Grow up. You base your entire reasoning of wanting the change solely because you want it, not because it adds anything to the platform. So far half a dozen people have indicated on this thread that they want it, so if that's all Discord required then you'd be golden. Luckily, it is not.

    "The customer is always right". You clearly have no grasp of reality. lol Have a good one man, there is no sense debating business practices with someone who in any way remotely thinks that what you said is accurate. :p

  • Hoodi

    You both have very arguable points, but I feel like because of that the community would prefer no cooldown or at least a larger limit before the cooldown. This is because the majority of the community can agree that some people who need to work out how to crop their images is completely understandable, and since Discord should listen to the community, I'm afraid it's the right thing to at least make changing avatars a tad more flexible. Now I'm not saying the community is always right, but in this situation we/they are. 

    DarkHeraldMage we all completely understand where you're coming from but in this situation community is more important than staff. 

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Respect the opinion and how you presented in DMN. Don't agree with it, but respect you putting it out there. /nod

  • angelar

    You probably wouldn't need to redo your perfectly fine icon if Discord wasn't using a resolution for them from last century that makes just about any icon look terrible.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I uploaded a square icon, Discord cropped it perfect and in HD quality. Nothing irregular or terrible about the resolution of my profile image, or that of anyone else who isn't using a 100x300 image and being upset when the quality isn't pristine when it's made to fit specific dimensions. lol

  • N0X

    Just wanted to say that I've come up against this issue out of nowhere today without attempting anything malicious, other than trying to get a useable image that looks good on the normal screen where it is smaller, without having a preview to do it. Your cooldown is causing unnecessary time wasting and grief to your users. Make it something more acceptable please.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    What are the dimensions of your photo Nox? There are countless ways to ensure your photo is perfectly scaled before uploading without having to pressure them to make a change that isn't really necessary. Nothing is broken, and the "improvement" by adding this would be minimal. This isn't asked for much because the majority of users (and people on the internet as a whole) know by 2019 how to upload a photo that will successfully display in either a square or a circle profile picture.


  • N0X

    The dimensions are irrelevant, as is your condescending white knight answer. What is relevant is that the image to be provided is the same vertical as horizontal, i.e. a square. That is plainly obvious and not the issue at all. The issue is that the image is not shown at the resolution required to make an informed decision about whether it works or not on the main discord view.

    Take away the 10 minute wait time and make it 60s, problem solved and no exploits to be had.

  • truth-4-sale

    I would just like the option to hide people's avatar's. They change them so frequently, that it's of no real value to me to see it anyway. I just read their User Name, and go with that. How about adding that as an option?? Most forums I frequent allow you hide a members Avatar and/or Signature. Being able to not see member's avatars would improve my Discord experience. The flashing motion avatars are particularly annoying.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    That's already an option truth-4-sale. :) Go into your Discord settings and under Appearance you can change the Message Display section from Cozy to Compact. It condenses messages and hides the avatars completely. Enjoy!

  • truth-4-sale

    Thanks DarkHeraldMage, I found the settings wheel and changed that with no issues!!

  • N0X

    I said the dimensions are irrelevant not the resolution. The resolution is obviously relevant because the preview window DOES NOT SHOW IT, as it will be in the main view. A square can be a square regardless of dimensions.

    However, I can see this conversation goes nowhere. Your task is to maintain the status quo with posts that drip of condescension and white knight for discord. You have clearly too much time on your hands

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Your obsession with this "white knight" mentality is quite sad. It's unfortunate that you can't handle an alternate viewpoint, especially one that points out all the reasons why yours doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. Dimensions are also relevant, as someone uploading an image at 150x800 is going to have a bad time, but should Discord have to spend time addressing that or should the average user be expected to have a little bit of intelligence and understand that there are some basic requirements for any profile pictures uploaded to any site on the internet? Hmm. One puts the onus on the average user, one puts it on a business which is not charging for their service.

    HMMMM. Have a good one man, keep wishing for handouts on things that with the tiniest amount of brainpower you wouldn't need.

  • sebby? more like epic B)

    lmao this was a wild ride for people who just want icon changing to be less of an annoying process

  • sebby? more like epic B)

    lmao this was a wild ride for people who just want icon changing to be less of an annoying process

  • N0X

    It's hilarious that you still don't understand what a square is. Take a look at yourself with that brainpower comment. Dimensions are irrelevant, Discord would treat 150x150 the same as it would treat 500x500. One day you might understand that. I'm done arguing with you, you're simply not worth the time.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    What is funny Nox is that you don't understand that someone trying to use a 2000x2000 picture isn't going to get the same quality when it's downsized to 150x150. So again, keep acting like you know what you're talking about, and keep talking down to others about this idea you have in your head, but you're entirely off base and it shows each time you reply with another example of what you don't get. It's okay. :) I understand that you're trying to appear smart, and I get that you're not. Maybe you'll improve someday, but it definitely doesn't seem possible given your history of comment quality here. Better luck next time man.

  • This darkheraldmage dude has more dislikes on all his posts together than the 2018 youtube rewind. dude if people are disliking every post you're making then you should maybe open your mind up instead of coming in here with a one sided opinion not even trying to understand why we want no profile picture change cooldown.


  • Krio

    I’d really just like to have multiple previews of how your profile picture will look when looking at it from different places on discord. If we had that I really don’t think a shortened/removed cooldown would be needed.

  • DarkHeraldMage

    Dislikes? On my comments? Oh no, it's the end of everything. I posted an opinion that disagrees with the original post that everyone is coming here to view, and everyone is downvoting the opposite opinion? Tragic. Catastrophe. What even is my life?

    Oh. Wait. I don't care. lol The people so up in arms about changing their profile pics every 10 seconds are the exact same who think that downvotes on a Discord forum mean anything at all. What a time to be alive.


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