Ability to duplicate roles and categories with permissions


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  • Styrofoam Bones

    I was creating a roleplay server, and 1 house has to many channels so I wanted to copy it, sadly it's not possible.


  • Alqasem
    nah, i dont think that would work
  • SamTheFam

    Fair enough but at least roles that you can make duplicates on


  • lieuwe_berg

    There are bots that can duplicate, backup, etc. your server. https://discordbots.org/bot/xenon

  • Timm

    I can understand duplicating roles but as @lieuwe_berg said, bot's can do that for you. I don't think Discord should overcroud the GUI too much. 

    As for duplicating servers I feel people would just make lot's of useless and pointless servers. If you are worried about being raided or hacked just follow these stops in advance:

    - Enable account 2FA

    - Enable server-wide 2FA

    - Only give high permissions to users you trust

    - Only add bots that are trusted by communties or you know of the owner OR as that limits the amount of bots you can invite, don't give these bots higher permissions than they need. An example of this could be if you add a moderation bot, don't give it administrator and instead only give it KICK, BAN and MANAGE MESSAGES...


    If your server does get raided or hacked and you haven't done at least the top 3 you can't really complain, especially if it was a big server.

  • SkyLight Gaming

    role it is and it will provide the perms that it see fit.*

  • AlboDiabolus

    When the server contains similar groups combined into roles, it is very annoying to repeat the same rights, a feature very much needed. Server administrator with 1500 people

  • Karti

    PLEASE add this feature. It's a headache creating roles that have higher and lower privileges i.e. Junior Moderator and Senior Moderator. It'll be GREAT if this feature gets added.


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