Toggle to disable animations


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  • Farkas
    this would be pretty cool to have if you are a streamer, if it could reduce CPU/GPU usage, it'd be great to have.
  • Skwaleks
    This would be an awesome feature for older/less recent devices It could be an toggle "Use animations"
  • Silver Star

    Bump, the duplicate linked above no longer exists.

  • Iflana

    I'd love to see an option to completely DISABLE ALL ANIMATIONS - not just on mobile.  They bog down my system and I'm actually finding I have to not use Discord if I don't want game disconnections whenever someone posts with an animation.

  • greyfade

    This would be a very good thing to have for laptops especially, to save battery power.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Discord can already do this, from what I can see. An unfocused Discord window doesn't have any animations. This works with Electron.


  • Крокодил

    Yes, this option would be extremely useful for me!

  • Silver Star

    Actually, this option has been implemented!
    Just go to Settings > Appearance > and check the box for Reduced Motion, which turns off complex animations like the spinning loading icon


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