flagged account "verify by phone"


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  • Zelky

    Discord pls fix this

  • Porkchop

    Alright discord needs to see this as an actual problem... for a blog to continue after 2 years about a problem means something. Discord is literally at Roblox level with updates and how it runs around here. We can all agree this lock sucks alot and discord doesn't give a damn about the people who have lost accounts for over 2 years now! I hope someday discord can see this blog, even if it means spamming it in their dms or emails. Either way, I don't want this happening to accounts anymore.

  • УD

    this is just stupid because at first it gave me 2 options verify email or verify phone so of course i chose email because i don't have a phone but after that it just ignored that and removed the email button come on discord wtf could you possibly need both of them for??? (btw this is on an alt my main does not have this problem yet)

  • echotrap

    It's not stupid, It is actually looking like Fraud.
    I did take a Nitro year subscription (that's $99.99) then get cut off from services about three weeks later.
    In what way would adding a cellphone number that is unknown to their system be able to be any kind of verification towards the original users identity?
    Why wouldn't said credit card payment information be a valid (and far better) verification method?

    Questions, questions, silence is, so far, the answer.
    Waiting with bated breath while recreating my contacts on new account(s), just in case.

  • NathanAldenSr

    I just went through this hellish experience for myself. Here's exactly what happened:

    I changed my profile and added a link to my small business website--a basic landing page with pretty much nothing on it. The moment I did that, Discord kicked me out of my PC and mobile client with a message saying "something is out of the ordinary here." They then forced me to verify by phone--not email, like a sane company, but by phone. I don't really want Discord having my phone number at all so I was reticent to give it to them. According to an automated support reply from them, there is no way to lift phone number restrictions from accounts!

    Now I'm forced to put in my phone number, so I do. The verification succeeds, and I'm back on my profile page. I immediately remove the phone number, thinking I've completed the verification process so I can protect my number again. There is no prompt or anything warning me what is about to happen if I do this. I go through with it and I'm immediately locked out again. I go through phone verification again, only this time it won't accept my phone number, claiming it was already used to verify "another account." That wording is highly misleading, as after some research I discovered phone numbers used to verify accounts are placed in a "time out" list for an unknown period of time (although support threads I found seem to indicate it's anywhere from two weeks to a month). Again, there was no indication at all that this would happen.

    I was forced to use my son's mobile number to perform the verification. Now his number is in "time out" for that indeterminate period of time. I now need to wait some number of weeks before reverting the phone number back to my real number just in case the reversion process triggers the same flow.

    What a terrible look from Discord--and absolutely no recourse nor any way to talk to a human. I do not want to give my phone number to companies who have proven to not secure personal information, or even go beyond that and sell or share it. That includes you, Discord.

  • AFRoblCraft


  • Mcdonalds

    this happened to me because i was tryna message manny different people about  something


  • nattycat

    Yup!  Discord is locking out legit users and denying potential new users.  Some people just can't or won't provide a cell phone number for a service like Discord.  It's a shame.

  • Liberty Died Worldwide

    I use Total Wireless on a $700 smartphone I paid out of pocket for. Years now. $25 a month service.


    This scummy trash company thinks I should have to change to a carrier that costs me double per month, when the data is so slow I can't use over 600mb a month?

  • Cosmos

    The fact this thread has run on for so many years really says something.... I was first randomly flagged on discord seemingly out of nowhere i proceeded to try to use my PERSONAL phone number to verify which i was then given the "invalid phone number message" i had remembered i had set it on my first ever account which was banned due to being hacked. I sent an email asking support to remove that phone number and nothing it has been a couple days... gave up made an alt account which i was then flagged on less then a day later for doing NOTHING. this time around i try my parents phones.. and it just asks me to update the app which i did it was on the latest version so i reinstall the entire application and it still does not work.. i tried multiple numbers parents and friends and NONE worked. i already lost my main now this is simply ridiculous. 

  • Pigeon

    what the fk is this company. what a load of trash.

  • joe the potato

    i am having the same problem i am very sad and now i can't log back in to my account :(

  • !⇀Falcon↼!

    my account was not even a day old and it asked me for phone number verification when i dint do anything

  • certified robloxian

    i cant even with this stubborn phone verification

  • Mettlephantomsbuisiness

    Discord has flagged over 10 of my accounts into inaccessibility over the past 6 months and support has consistently failed to recover them saying their system triggered properly, i don't have a phone to verify with. All of my emails have been unusable in creating usable discord accounts, discord immediately flags newly created accounts into inaccessibility, discord will flag your account at random, mass messaging players, mass friending players, probably mass rejoining servers after losing a previous account.

  • Mettlephantomsbuisiness

    If discord is going to force me to take lawful action as an American National than so be it, they will not refuse service to me like they have thus far.

  • Mettlephantomsbuisiness

    Discord likely won't solve this critical issue until there is considerable competition against it, find and use a better Discord alternative until then.

  • nepzillaprime1


  • Ron

    Discord absolutely DOES NOT need to access your phone number for any reason.  The only reason they are doing it is because, like any other corporation that demands a phone number, they make more money grouping your info with a phone number when they sell it.  This change is ridiculous and people should not stand for it.

  • Mintmag

    Just when I got my account back from a hacker my alt gets this problem.


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