Discord Google home integration


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  • JJ_Awesome5

    That is exactly what Discord needs

  • Cyrus

    good idea^ 

  • v1pejames

    yes go iris irus number 1


  • Elliott

    I agree. 

  • Sinnuck

    underdeveloped countries?.... where you from?...


  • Septri

    I do believe this is possible, it's just difficult. (I'm totally gonna be working on doing it myself btw).

    I would say using DialogFlow to send a webhook each time would be the best way to do it but just not sure how to recieve the messages from the server. It's rather and easy concept going from the google home to the discord channel because you can set a "fulfilment requirement" with dialogflow to run a webhook call to discord's built in webhook system. 


    If anyone thinks of good ways to recieve messages, let me know!

  • renzsato

    Discord has moved away from just being a PC based system and i think google home integration would allow it to be more universal! Voice calls in discord but via google home would be perfect

  • box bitch no dont ask

    I had tweeted at them suggesting that it be possible to use Assistant to call contacts in your phone if it had a Discord ID. It would be really cool if Assistant completely integrated with Discord like this making it possible to call/msg any DM or server.

  • Acid

    Cool idea!

  • Buachi

    I agree.


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