Deleting bot created (managed) roles


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  • purpzie

    Definitely. I do like the idea of it being a managed role, but not  being able to delete it was always difficult to deal with. Perhaps there should also be a way to recreate the role as well.

  • Zacatero
    the purpose of the bot role is to guarantee that the bot has all the permissions it needs. It's unlikely the ability to delete it will be added, in my opinion
  • Edward

    From my experience, a bot can delete bot roles. 

  • Luwu

    If you want to remove a Bot including his role on the Discord Server:

    Step one: make shure his role is at the very bottom of your Hierarchie tree.

    Assigning him without his bot Role can be done by just adding the bot again with no role management permissions to the Server.

    When you followed Step one you can ban him out of his exsistance.


  • tvardero

    Not working on me.

    Have added bot again, even withour role management, role wasn't deleted with bot kicking.
    Can't remove role from server, it's locked.

  • Ryua

    You have to invite the bot with every permission unchecked and then kick him. This will remove his role. Worked for me that way

  • tvardero

    Thank you! That's works!

  • Kusi

    I've invited the "Now live bot" to my channel and followed the instructions here to remove the role. But the role is still here… :( anyone have some ideas?

  • Drake Faewylde

    I just followed the instructions (including moving the role to the bottom of the list) and it worked perfectly.

    Thank you so much for the instructions!

  • /Ricardo>

    Luwukian Thanks man!

    My dyno and dankbot wouldnt take their role with them when i kicked them, now its fixed <3

  • Twilight Sparkle

    When would that be helpful at all?

  • Sion - Living Plushie

    I currently have 3 roles that are managed by bots that nolonger are in my server. would be nice to have the option to forcibly remove those and keep things clean

  • Psystec

    I am very irritated that i have roles that i cannot remove even after the damn Dyno bot has been kicked. I tried all the methods i could google but with no luck. Please discord. can we have a force delete button for us OCD people.

  • d3w1

    I have this same problem. I have a role titled "Chump" in my server and have no idea what bot it came from. Am I just screwed? Or is there a way to track down what bot is managing the role?

  • Romans

    Also for me is a good idea to give the possibility to delete the Bot Roles. In our server we need more roles, and deleting all the bot roles (we use a "Global bot role" that is most useful for more bots) should be helpful, and give us the number of roles slot we need.

  • WeakNerve

    I have a bot role that I have no idea where it came from, it is not from the two bots I have on the server right now. I want to be able to remove it. Make that happen pretty please.

  • Leverton

    There is also a problem when a bot gets banned by discord, and you can't remove the role since you can't even add it again. Maybe it could happen when a bot gets deleted too

  • Epic American Gamer

    I want my bot to deleted now. I don't wanna losing my discord server.

  • Bug

    This is just absurd; How is it possible we actually administer our own server if we can't delete roles created by bot scams that are floating around? How are we supposed to feel our server is safe if it still has pieces of a bot added by an admin that was fooled into thinking it was a official discord bot? Are we supposed to re-invite a suspect bot with ALL permissions enabled just to delete the role? Is that supposed to be a joke? How about a good-old delete button next to the role? Or automatically delete the role when a bot is BANNED if the whole purpose is to ensure the bots have the permissions they need when adding them? The bots and roles are obviously linked - leaving the roles behind is not only sloppy, it reeks of insecurity when admins have shady rules they can't get rid of. You can do better than this Discord.

  • eokiri x(

    In order to add a bot to the server without its role. You need to go to ( then select your bot. Next, go to OAuth2, then to URL Generator, check the BOT checkbox and that's it. It is very important that you do not set any rights while you are creating a link to add a bot to the server. Once you have added the bot to the server, create and configure a role then give it to the bot


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