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  • Shinymyra

    as a completionist i strongly want this. it's stopped me from actually really checking out the game store :P

  • Covya

    Yea, Achievements are a big part of what keeps me on steam. I'd love to see the discord store get an achievement system (although I'd prefer it to be more similar to xbox than steam, with a "score" attached to each achievement)

  • Batroni

    I would suggest a new exclusiv system for Discord. We have Wumpus and should use him for this like some Points to get some bonus like Nitro price reduction or  some Discord exclusive games.

  • 󠇰󠇰

    I think that's a great idea but how about make the achievements go towards something like XP to Nitro, or a special Discord skin after so many of them, badges etc. Sure I get achievements on Steam but it's not very meaningful at least Xbox and PS4 has a leveling system for it far better what Steam has. 

  • Murfey

    They really need to add Achievements, I want to buy games on Discord and complete the achievements and stuff. Achievements are what keep me playing a game!

  • Natsu

    I agree! i realy want a meaningful achievement system to motivate me to play and dedicate time to all the Discord Nitro games :)

    And if possible even detected achievements already done in games from other platforms (ex: steam) to have it carry over the progress and not make us feel trap to a game platform like steam


    And for rewards all i realy need is something on my profile just to show off :) 


    please please please please

  • t3ax

    So much this.

    A little bit sad that it lacks this kind of feature since it is a standard for so many years now.


    Would definitly buy more games on Discord just to do them again.

  • Gregyyy

    In a recent data-mine, there was a hint found that they are working on this feature. Link to the GitHub comment: https://github.com/DJScias/Discord-Datamining/commit/f15dd23ac60eeaae2691d604a8a261e85a2e91b6#comments

  • ggtyler

    This, right here. When I got Nitro with the games, I thought they'd have at least that. Without achievements, it makes it the least feature-filled game platform there is. Even GOG Galaxy has achievements, and almost nobody uses it.

    Some other things that would be nice:

    • An hour count
    • Syncing with steam (if one game is on both platforms and the user has it on both platforms, they should sync with achievements/hours)
    • Modding
    • Integration with partnered discord servers (Something like the overlay leading you directly to the server when you're playing the game)
    • Ability to add external games to the library
    • Ability to change names of the games (or at least the external ones)
  • Akki
    the server control on achievements already exists through giveaways and roles stuff. I don't think adding anything such as discord achievements would do anything greater to it.
  • allendev

    I can confirm that Achievements are going to be added to Discord.

  • t3ax

    That is nice to see! Hopefully it doesn't take that long now until we see them in the public build.

    (Imo) it's really sad to see the recent change to the store when this feature is in the pipeline.

  • ggtyler

    Can you see if any of the other changes I suggested is there?

    Also, oh god, is that an asset library? I didn't know this was the unity store now.

  • twiikuu

    In the Game SDK, there's an undocumented Achievement Manager, have you tried using it?

  • loudmog

    I agree! Would play my free nitro games if they had achievements! (I've subbed since the beginning!)

  • Ginger

    @twiikuu. Which file would it be in? I haven't tried using it. Does it work? I'm not sure where it would show your achievements.


    Secondly, I'm not sure if it's worth putting games on Discord anymore since they only show Nitro games in their store front. So it would get not promotion. AFAIK.

  • twiikuu

    Depends on which language you're using, in C it's IDiscordAchievementManager in the header, in C++ it's achievement_manager.h/cpp, in C# it's AchievementManager in Core.rs

    I haven't had the chance to test it yet, I couldn't tell you if it worked.

  • JumpSuit

    Regarding the Discord GameSDK Manager. I CAN confirm it works. The documentation IS in the discord-api-docs on github via  a pull request for anyone REALLY wanting to look into Discord Achievements like I already have. They are for sure working hard to get Achievements fully finished for the Discord GameSDK (While it IS in it isn't Publicly stated that it is ready yet since they are still finalizing some api endpoints). In the Achievement manager's current state I have tested using it in my game and when setting the percent to complete to 100%, it'll pop a Windows 10 Notification saying the achievement, Icon, and description the Dev set in the app panel. There is further integration yet to be explored but it is still VERY undocumented still. I aim to dig through it all!


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