Emote Format (/me)


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  • Amanie

    Having the name italicize along with the text when using "/me" is I think a good enough setting for it.
    At least in some IRC visuals, solme "/me"s looks like that.

  • Firehawke

    I'd seriously like at least the OPTION of an IRC-style /me instead, because /me needs to be a first-class feature rather than just italic text.

  • toastido

    I agree.  maybe more like twitch chat even, where the whole text after /me turns into the color of the speaker for that line of text, and it's non-line breaking meanin the name and the text are on the same line:

    Current style:

    toastido (today at 8:03am)

    blah blab blah blah this is the me tag



    (today at 8:03am)

    toastido blah blah blah blah this is the new me tag 



  • Verily

    I was excited about “new slash commands” in the update notes for emoting, hoping they had fixed /me, but no. It’s still just one of a gazillion ways to make things italic.


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