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  • rocket

    اضافة اللغة العربية

  • wAffles
    rough translation: please add arabic language to mobile version
  • Solo

    While I certainly agree that it should be implemented, arabic brings quite a few issues from a developer's standpoint when compared to the other languages Discord has added. Since it reads left to right, it screws with a lot of the features discord has today and can really mess with the UI.

  • ~{PowErHaShEm}~

    I strongly agree, there are thousands of Arab users who have major problems in English. These problems force them to use other applications and programs.


    I strongly agree . there is a very huge number of Arabic users to discord , adding Arabic language will make it easier to use discord and control servers

  • alobaili (6) 🇸🇦

    @Solo The team already told us that they're willing to support Arabic when they listed the language in Crowdin. Now it's 100% translated. Many technologies add a certain level of support for Localization with RTL & LTR. Discord developers can simply use these technologies to adapt their front-end to support RTL languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. I know for sure that these three languages have huge communities already using Discord and it would make their lives so much easier if the UI was available in their native language.

    I've been spending my free time in the past few months trying to flip the UI of many websites so that it's RTL friendly, and that didn't take me a few days for each website. It's really not that hard, specially when we all know that Discord team is very talented and qualified.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    i don't think you want a half-finished translation in your app. every single translation is half-effort and half-finished at the moment. there won't be any more added soon, and that should be obvious.

  • Why not add it and all the languages ​​you can use only Arabic does not exist ..?
  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX ؟

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    because discord doesn't hire enough people for translation and have to rely on google translate-level translation. if they had actual translators, then maybe.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Discord has users from every language, region. So, it's an awesome idea in my opinion!
  • ihdadi

    اصوت بصوت عالي وأغطية الرأس الأخضر السلفادور 


  • rocket

    نعم نريد اللغة العربية لنسخة الجوال

  • !Xyfurion

    Discord actually uses volunteer translators from the community in order to translate languages from english. From there, the translators vote on the correct translation of each phrase. However, since August, they have shut down the crowdin page to work with a company for translations.

     دسكورد بيستخدم ناس يتكلمون عربي من المجتمع عشان يترجوا من إنجليزي. من هنا كل مترجم يقترح أي الكلام صح. بس من شهر 8, سكروا موقع الترجمة علشان يتعاملوا مع شركة ترجمة على ما أظن.

  • nabraas6000

    لماذا لاتضيفون الغة العربيه

  • Burkino

    well they would need to find someone to translate it since google translate... isnt that great

  • Op1xoN

    Yeah thanks for the comment mate

  • GhostlyHunter

    I am happy to help with the Arabic language support if you guys need a volunteer

  • zey

    where the arabic language???!

  • A-Team 

    Server / 


  • Momen

    Please add the arabic language in a new version

  • Hlever

    حاولوا انكم تنشرون منشورات التي ترغب الاضافة اللغة العربية

  • iiiTrax

    please add arabic language in the new update please

    ضيفو اللغة العربية في التحديث الجديد رجاء

  • Ōsama

    we need to get to 1000 votes on this , share for all

  • Villo

    ديسكورد خاص بالعرب ف اتوقع انه هذا اللي قصدك فيه بس حاليا في سيرفرات عربية كثير مره

  • ! SA | 𝑫7𝑶𝑴

    Hello, why don't you add the Arabic language in the discord? I suggest you add and thank you

  • 0v6l

    رجائا ضيفوا اللغة العربية


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