More specific options for chat notifications on both mobile and PC


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  • Birdybird

    Option to choose different sounds for all of these would be nice, too.

  • okidai

    It would be grand to be able to have notifications on for specific people

  • LeD

    Shame they don't sum up votes between dupes, my post was closed for coming 10 days after this and had more upvotes.

    I'm only saying that to make people aware there's more support for this idea than numbers actually show.

  • Togusa

    Hear, hear.

  • shard
    Well that is kinda really helpful so you know when you get push notification you know that it is from your friend
  • gmantsang

    Just disable push notifications from your servers....

  • Keowa

    I would really like it if I could have noise notifications specifically for DM's only or from specific friends to get my attention. As it stands if I have sound notifications on I get notified for every server that I'm part of. I want to get notified of DM's by a sound cue without having to mute all other servers.

  • childofthebeast

    At the very least. Having DM/@ notification sounds seperate from general server messages would be amazing.

  • Yuri Gagargoyle

    Came here looking to see if there was a dm notification setting for groups

  • Katherine

    Please can this happen??! I want notifications for one or two DM chats but not all.

  • Khyira

    Would love to be able to have this on my phone for my boyfriend, we only talk over Discord and I always miss messages from him when I'm not on my computer because I don't want to turn all the rest of my notifications on. 

  • Jonas

    I agree!

  • nog642

    It would be good to be able to change the notification settings for a DM with a specific friend to "@ messages only" (as opposed to muting them). So normal messages from them wouldn't notify me, but if they wanted to get my attention they could ping me in DM.

  • Octapoo

    This is desperately needed.  At the moment my only choices are to get notifications for every message no matter how trivial and unimportant, or switch to DnD and get no notifications for any messages no matter who they come from.  Some people message me only for important things.  Others send me every random YouTube video they watch.  That I can't configure these sounds separately means that I just keep Discord in DnD mode all the time and thus more important messages get the same slow response as everything else.

    Also, can "do not disturb" not be conflated with "disable sounds?"  So many people think "do not disturb" means just that, that they should not disturb me.  They don't realize that it actually means that now is the time to send me nonsense because now is when it won't disturb me because I won't receive a notification for it.

  • Uchiha Sasuke

    Yes, a feature that mutes every server, DM and suppresses the pings too but gives you an option to select specific channels/people to get notifications from would be very helpful!

    PLEASE add it! It would be REALLY helpful! Thank you so very much.


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