Discord needs a LITE version!


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  • sorin

    so, does discord lite exist?

  • GodRage

    The only "light" version is the web-version that you keep opening/closing in your internet-browser. ;)

    But they made ugly changes to this web-version: you can't change your push-to-talk button... neither any other shortcut button!

  • fumasSsa

    Well.. this thread has 2 years and no answer from discord or the market

    Competitors usually read those comments to develop better products..

    Lot of people asked for a corporate version too.. without the gaming approach.. but again.. nothing.

    Maybe we should go back to teamspeak.

  • Artuto

    After using this platform for 3 years I can confirm this feedback site is useless for requests that do not bring more money to their pockets.

    Unfortunate but that's how it is.

  • Erika Asuna

    Discord doesn't care, I using web version and rarely.

    Most my friends have migrated back to Teamspeak anyway, and with Steam improving the chat overall, there's no reason to keep using this bloatware Discord.

  • ۝ΔᜬDԄΞƴ۝໑

    yes please, the current Discord has a very polluted interface and uses a lot of ram, A simplified Discord like Ripcord would be great

  • Sandbag

    Microsoft Buying Discord smells like it's time for something new anyway.

    The new Teamspeak BETA looks pretty nice.

  • Amelia (Mia)

    Yes, please. I need to be able to run it on my Raspberry Pi 3B.

  • Venom²

    We need this to be added! My 4GB PC is slow with Discord!

  • iNgeon

    Best of both worlds.
    Keep the single discord client but add an option under Advanced settings for a lightweight low resource optimized mode that only enables the bare essentials only.
    Reduce constant cpu and ram usage when enabled

  • ItsInvis

    We need a smaller version

  • Sashank999

    So let me tell ya.

    I am a web dev. I work on a small project as a hobby. All I need is access to my server's chat. There is absolutely no need of in-game overlay, light mode or any shortcuts. Just alert me when someone pinged me, and I thats all I need.

    And I absolutely hate to "install" software on my laptop. These just leave out empty folders or trash folders, which are impossible to clean manually without "installing" 3rd-party software.

    We NEED a portable Discord LITE, not a big 78.3 MB installer. I strongly believe that you guys can do this in < 10 MB. Hope Discord LITE comes out soon!

  • frospr

    Agree also we need a linux 32 bit support !

  • Khlydo

    We about to enter 2022 and there's still no lite version



  • Lost Kin

    discord is made in electron

    it's impossible to have a lite version, if made in electron

  • radyogh

    Lost Kin, I always thought that one of the main points of "lite version" requests is to _not_ build it on electron, and use something light-weight... maybe self-made.

  • Dark42ed

    Discord runs on electron which is pretty much a stripped down version of google chrome. It's not discord taking up your ram, it's the google chrome that discord is running in. Disabling the activity tab or library tab will probably really only have minor changes on the cpu/ram taken up by discord. If they want to make the app WAY better, then they would have to make an app that runs natively using GUI frameworks, such as QT5 or GTK4.

    Again, removing light theme, or disabling some features like the library tab, will probably give negligible performance improvements, if any.

  • cyber

    It'd be awesome if you guys checked this out, a little late ik, but here, also will be releasing an installer for the lite version, it's basically the web version of discord in a toned-down browser.


  • Sar1111111

    We need this, especially on mobile

  • TheBlueMicFox

    I suffer from a chronic condition called running Discord from a 2015-ish Chromebook. I have 2GB of RAM (And some swap space), so running lightweight versions of web apps (Like Gmail's HTML page) is really a life-saver for me. If a lighter Discord for web is released, I'm absolutely using it. Otherwise, back to less-intensive Hangouts and forums for me.

  • Alexander

    i was about to make a post about this, a lite version is so needed! 

  • Ruth Arendse

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