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  • Ⓐ³ gent RØgue

    As for whether that software breaks the TOS, it’s probably pushing it because it’s an automated script however it’s not a self bot perse. It’s not ideal because it’s 3rd party and always has the risk of not working well or causing issues,

    However yeah server exports are a feature we very much need natively. Zulip has it, telegram has it, XMPP may have it. Discord is the odd one out in this regard. It seriously eludes me as to why this hasn’t been added. The most one could do without risking getting banned is maybe copy paste chunks of activity through clipboard. However that is far more labor intensive than scrolling up a page and letting chat exporter analyze traffic or something especially for super large groups

  • aliengeo

    Cosigned; I've posted a lot of things to Discord that I'd like to be able to access offline in the context of their relevant conversations.

  • illuser

    It's a bit different issue than the ones above, but I recently used the chat exporter program here to archive a collection of images from a private DM regarding abusive behavior of one of the people who was kicked from our server to potentially report to the developer of the game we were playing for violations of their ToS and Community Guidelines.


    Being able to do this natively would have been much nicer.

  • David

    Would really get great use from this.

  • SnakeLinkSonic

    I would really love to natively export my chat logs for archival purposes.

  • Sweet_Cloud

    I agree. It will be a really useful feature if it is added.

  • Yast

    This is a great idea. I was wondering if anyone already asked for this. It would be a lot usefuel and nice

  • Nevalicjus

    But there is too much code, if there would be a way more like the chatExporter from github does it now, would be so much better

    (i meant that it would be much better if it was a native way)

  • ☽Twice Marked☾

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long a wait for this overdue feature. Still here, wishing and hoping.

  • FlashStorage


  • Green Z

    Yes, same here.. Still waiting and hoping.

  • KuraX

    Any update on this yet? Export to plain text or into other formats would be useful.

  • NobleOpti92

    I love this idea! I'm a nostalgic piece of sh*t, so I'd love to be able to save a whole server's chat history as a file so my numerous dead servers can rest in peace, while we can still hold on to the memories. It'd save Discord the pain of holding on to it on their servers as well.

  • Miragia

    Please let us have this, Discord. Copy-pasting the roleplays my friend and I share every night manually is such a hassle with the limit to how much it can copy at a time. I would especially love it if we could have the option to decide the dates between which to save a chat from, to prevent unwieldy file sizes. c:

  • JakaneKanley

    Ich mache mit meinen Freunden Chat-Rollenspiele und erstelle aus denen Logs.
    Dazu muss ich umständlich Stück für Stück kopieren und hoffen das nicht irgendwas abgeschnitten wird.

    Das umständlichste überhaupt....

    Bitte Chat-Log / Chat-History / Chat Copy

    Ganz egal, aber macht was!

  • lordmax


    This is a must

  • juicyfroot

    + 1 ing this and hopefully after 2 years Discord implements this feature soon. It would be SO helpful. It's necessary to have, even. So why not do it?

  • Murray

    +1 from here too. People use text chat for events they want to remember, not just for ephemeral conversations. We held a convention and people would like to save the session logs before we erase them for the next convention on the same server.

  • Elysiis

    I have conversations I'd love to save!

  • sharke

    I support this as a feature implementation. It would be good to be able to save conversation history as an independent transcript for liability and storage.

  • spellslinger

    Yes please Discord.

  • Ĵæ$ïñ

    i somehow downloaded an entire chats pictures including pfp, server pics, and pics sent in different servers and i dont know how (i was on the google version of discord)heres a picture of the file, there are over 50 different pictures from different servers

  • 📞Glory Flarea🔪

    I'm currently trying to copy paste a chat room in a discord server I'm an admin in, but when I try to copy paste, no matter where I start dragging the cursor from, I'm not even able to copy paste the writing. 
    I know I'm using the website version, but even on mobile I have trouble with saving things. I can't stuff things into random servers I've made forever.

    We need a way to simply duplicate servers, or at least duplicate a chat somewhere else or whatever you can do to copy something to somewhere else. Because when something is deleted, it's gone for GOOD. I have been in MULTIPLE situations where a back up of a few responses or a whole chat could have saved me from seriously toxic drama users and gotten them put into their place. Not too mention that turning an entire server into something else would be so much easier if you could just duplicate the old stuff so you don't have to worry about deleting important conversations and things you want to save for later when cleaning out the main server. It's a drag to copy paste each and individual response, especially for a long and tedious conversation that you have to comb through for hours and hours.

    If we could develop a way to duplicate or export something and move it somewhere else would be PHENOMENAL! 

  • Jordi

    Can we have a way to export a conversation and all the associated images to PDF for example? please???

    This is pretty fundamental feature to us.


  • dwpeacock0424

    Any headway here?

  • Peps


    I have made many wonderful friends through Twitch/Discord combined and some of the conversations I’ve had with them I want to remember in 10+ years because they’ve been so special to me.

    This seems like something that’s available on most other apps with chat features.

  • Maatlock

    And I just came here looking for the same thing— I've made the mistake it seems of using Discord to generate data that needs to be saved and available in other formats. Looks like this is something that folks have been asking for a while but NO response from Discord. Guess after 2 years I won't hold my breath. Seriously though— giving us the ability to export chat logs would be a huge help. Also, some basic chat moderating tools (like chat cleanup, moving from channel to another). Oh well. 

  • Dark Lord Sauron [FTW]

    I can't understand why this hasn't been added yet?  Everywhere I search people want this, for years people have been asking.  Workarounds have been established but none seem to work.  Got a situation where I need to archive a thread permanently and remove it from the server, a thread that spans a huge load of posts and important info worth retaining but my options now are either screencap or select and copy everything painstakingly slow for hours and hours or delete it.  None of the work arounds have worked yet due to odd errors and probably part incompetence and misunderstanding on my part.  Shoot a feature like this added to nitro might actually make me consider doing that, because emojis don't do it for me but actual functionality users have been asking for does.

  • DarkSilentKill

    I agreed with this so if a person try's to scam you, you can export the chat and filed a report to them to show proof on the entire chat.

  • Krystalyn

    I'm in. So many uses for an export option!


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