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  • moonlightcapital
    This only hinders the work of server moderators as many raiders may join in a short period of time and you have no idea on what to do
  • ム Onur

    This feature can be set to those who want to use

  • ! Nashira ♛ ₪

    Hello Dear MoonlightCapital 

    Im Nashira 

    Im Adminastator for Justice Kingdom 

    We want to improve this feature
  • Magikarp
    Do not give permission to people you dont trust or people you think can be abused or is vulnerable to SE
  • Emma
    This sounds like a very bad idea in the case something like a raid happens, as the mods might not be able to stop the entire raid because you as the owner wanted ban limits.
  • drew

    Raids from community can be limited a lot. I can do that. Even if 100 ppl join. They will be able like to spam just 3 (not less , cuz some ppl can make mistakes and spam fast without then intention to ) words/tags/images/emojis. And then get muted . I think a kick/ban limit it would be great. Yall talk about trust and shit. These days a kid can have a weird ass depression and kick everyone, then apologize to me like " Ay i was mad and shit, sorry didnt mean to do that" . Plus i saw big organisations get raided from high staff and trusted cuz dramas. So ye.

  • Minsnicterb

    Ban limit should come and the number should be editable. Friends can break down and this situation can be abused

  • AngeLz79

    what if they needed 2fa code every 5 bans? (if you have it on for staff to require)

  • Olliver Aira

    +1 for me.

    Knowing who to trust with moderation power is not always easy, Ive only been using discord for about 4 years and Ive already seen 7+ servers get raided by trusted members with staff permissions. In some cases accounts may have been hijacked, in other cases a staff member may have gone drunk and done regrettable things themselves. Last year at the Blender Discord community (a community that currently has about 80K members) an admin that had been with them for many years went rogue and deleted all the channels in the server & started banning people at random - no one could have predicted that to have happened. If he was more technically skilled he could have used the Discord API to kick/ban everyone on the server.

    By giving someone permission to ban an unlimited amount of people, you're essentially giving them the power to take down the entire community.

    From what Ive seen in the past, I know I cant trust my moderators enough to give these kinds of privileges, I dont know any of my community members in-person, I dont know if they're reliable at all times, I dont know if there devices are secure or if they have malware on them.

    Discord should have a built in feature for this.


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