Set color of channel names (Voice and Text)


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  • Shonack

    I was looking for this feature!

    But I was bummed it wasn't possible at the moment.

    I have one of my servers "categorised" into:
    - Admin/mods hangout (hidden for those without the roles)
    - Information from admin/moderators (announcements and rules)
    - Reporting
    - Suggestions
    - A place to chat (about "everything")
    - Looking For Party
    - Voice chats for different party sizes (given a max so they wouldn't get disturbed by others just "checking in")

    Would be awesome to be able to colourise each category / each type of categories into specific colours to easier find the "right categories" for what you are looking for. So many discord servers are a clutter of categories, so like myself get easily dizzy and lost on where to go after joining a server.

  • jenstay

    love this idea a LOT!!!

    I'm wondering if downvotes come from people who don't want anything to be paid for ever.

  • Fendoran

    I don't think this should be a "Pay for Feature", this should be a default feature, they have a lot of features you need to pay for already, but a feature like this would definitely be appreciated by a lot of discord users, and it would be seen everywhere. it's not just for the aesthetics but as a easier way for users to navigate through the channel.

  • Billy

    I was about to suggest this, glad I searched first. I'd really love to see this (along with maybe channel name highlights so you can maybe REALLY make them stand out.)

  • TreeBranch

    Please add this - or in the very least, allow us to color code channel names in some way!  This would help soooo much

  • zombie9900

    Love this idea and my server with my friends would make it much clearer with the colours.

    However it may benifit if they also add some colour blind options to help those effected. Possibly just also let every user just change it for themselves (would that be too much data for every server?). Or just have an option to just toggle between the standard & coloured.

  • JayBoat

    Why tf would this cost money??

  • Faeryl

    I'd be more inclined to up vote this idea if that second paragraph were removed.
    If the OP was willing to pay $9.99 USD then they should have simply said so.

    I feel I already support Discord by paying for Nitro Classic.
    Maybe Discord should have a prominent DONATE button someplace for those who want to give more.

    ALSO, folks who are color blind or otherwise visually impaired may benefit from some choice of colors used
    to separate the difference between at LEAST Voice and Text channels. Possibly even some color options (or text images) on Categories!

  • water maniac

    i like the idea! maybe a little less expensive though, 10 USD for only those colors is a bit much don’t you think

  • Amenadiel

    This is a cool idea but it should be usable when your server gets to level 1 server boosting

    Because right now boosting a server does almost nothing

    so having a feature like this would make people wanna boost that server!

  • PaulP

    ncie suggestion

  • Borg


    Get your first starter pack for the low-low price of $9.99

    Hell no! Discord is making enough money through many other various things and not only that, they are backed by high profile corporations. This should not be a feature with a fee attached. You're basically supporting corporate capitalism via nickeling and diming consumers for every damn thing they possibly can. You might as well just tell Discord to screw us all over and make everything a paid subscription and feature.

    Great idea, but encouraging Discord to gouge us for something so simple is absurd.

  • ⃝⃝

    Do it

  • Shimo


  • RashbaNor

    Yes! Such a feature, the possibility to change the colour of the channel titles, would be a great solution to improve the readability of the channel list and categories. Especially on servers with a lot of channels.

    Implement it, Discord team. It shouldn't be too hard. It's just a color of a text.


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