Audit Log Export


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  • Blastoise186
    This does seem to be something which may help in certain cases. May have to be careful about privacy though
  • Permanently deleted user
    do you mean something like this? Bots can do this, some of them, but it would a good idea, to see something similar like this to in the audit logs itself that can be shown out to excel or whatever you want the data put on. I worry about privacy though because sometimes there are things that are not supposed to be out there known due to private converstations, etc.
  • yellowjackal


    So, my case is very niche, but it's what I'm looking to use audit logs for:  I run a large public server with a smallish staff team. Some members of staff were concerned that others weren't pulling their weight, so I started a system of tracking actions taken by staff - and this is very reliant on audit logs.

    Right now if I want to track n bans by user x, I have to manually count them and then manually count those of other staff members to compare. Is x doing less work than y? Is y just overzealous? 

    If I were able to export everything into excel and run a pivot table, I could more easily see how each staff members is using mod powers and how they compare to others. If x really is doing less bans than y, but y has handed out three times as many bans as anyone else, then it's not that X isn't present in the server or lazy, it's than Y represents an edge case.

    That insight is very useful when it comes to coaching staff, and helps resolve conflict because I don't have to lead with "Hey X, you know you're doing less bans than Y," instead I can say, "Hey Y, I'm glad you're contributing, but X isn't outside the norm. You just happen to be around more right now, and that's good for the server."

  • Permanently deleted user

    Ah, I see. Maybe a variation of that could work. hmmmm

  • ggtyler

    Absolutely need this right now. Recently found out that it's impossible to view audit logs past a certain amount, which prevented me (and the rest of staff) from making any action due to a change made ~6 months ago. I tried to make a bot for this myself, but discord's API isn't robust enough for it either (it has a limit of 100 and has no page functionality.)


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