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  • wAffles
    you can reorder the roles on the member list simply by reordering the roles in server settings
  • ASH71

    I would love to see ways of organizing with in a role. Such as show who is:


    online and in a game


    Idle in game

    idle at bottom


  • Pixel food

    I struggled with this to. I'll help you step by step.

    First, go to your servers settings.

    Second, go do Roles

    Third, go to the role you want to be separated in the members list.

    Finally, turn on "Seperate role from online"

  • dizzy pro sleepy

    i cant do that its locked but its my server

  • Jlem

    dizzy pro sleepy I had that too but it was solved when i made another role, try to see if you're doing it in the @everone role. make a new role then try 


  • Micheal

    The instructions aren't helping cause I've made 2 new roles and still it wont work. Am I missing something?


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