Discord apk on the website


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  • staticgerbil

    This would be incredibly useful to me.

    I don't have Google Play on my device but I do have access to the Amazon app store, so a build there would work for me but an APK on the website would also be useful.

  • rob

    Would be great! Any news on that topic?

  • brum

    me too. i use e.foundation on my phone and can either install via adb or fdroid.

    do you supply apk packages trough channels like an URL?

  • staticgerbil

    I found that the easiest / safest way to get the discord app in my situation (similar to yours) was to install Aurora Store from fdroid and grab the Google Play version of Discord using the Aurora default login.

    It uses the Google Play web interface to download the apk from Google Play onto your device so you can install it.  It will also track updates etc.

    I would still prefer an official source like Amazon / Itch / Direct Download but I've been chasing that, as have others, for quite a long time now, I kind of gave up hope.


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