Discord Bot Language


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  • broman

    This would be extremely time consuming to implement, especially considering Discord is a chat platform, not a "learn programming" platform. You mention "bot.command" so I'll assume you're referring to discord.py. The discord.py library is extremely well-documented (as well as most of the other libraries), and as you progress further into the programming field you'll find that there are not many libraries as well-documented as d.py. If you're struggling to understand learning programming, and are trying to use Python, I recommend https://www.codecademy.com/ 


    Creating a Discord programming language would be quite far out-of-scope for a chat platform, and would require a lot of overhead for about zero reason.


  • kyoko

    You really want discord (a small ass communication program company) to make a fully fledged language with a fully fledged multiplatform runtime? they are not microsoft or jetbrains, they are not going to, they dont have the resources to do it.


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