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  • Laundry

    How about letting people embed links hosted under the discordapp.com/net domains

  • asher

    bump :/

  • {Winter BOSS}

    That's cool will be. I'm hopefully that it will be added

  • ᴡʜᴏᴀᴍɪ

    I would love to see this feature

  • Marv

    We need this. Server roles and permissions could easily handle the security concerns, the warning pop up has been there forever... plus mouse-over/long-press could just show the link too. Discord team, we love you but c'mon!

  • outeh

    I got to this page by trying to find out how to write a text link in Discord Markdown, because i didn't know how this feature (that was obviously implemented years ago) worked in Discord.

    Now I am sad.

  • ,,MrKomodoDragon

    I agree, it would be very helpful

  • mimi♡

    Bump! Please. I'm desperate.

  • Sapicow


  • NicolasGE

    Bump! i'd really enjoy if i could [link things in text](https://youtu.be/SHvhps47Lmc) too

  • DodoPredo

    That would be great ... Discord, it's time.

  • ,,MrKomodoDragon

    TIL that webhooks can use text hyperlinks

  • Electr1c

    But how do you mask a link? I'm not looking for embed messages, I just want a plain one. I want to mask these messages and it takes you to the site when you click on discords tos and things like that.

  • Envel

    Please, hyperlinks would be a really nice feature to add (and others Markdown abilities too) ;)

    You can still use a bot to post hyperlinks but, that's a little bit twisted as far as I'm concerned.

  • Kemikals

    Bumping this, really should have been in a while ago like others have said. 

  • gbic
    1. Test






  • Acumin

    I too, would enjoy hyperlinking.

  • thegigler

    Bump!  This would be an awesome feature!  Please!

  • Kategivesup

    seriously, tho... why can't we hyperlink text?



  • Snizzbut

    so after upvoting this over two years ago I return to find that Discord have done:


    Absolutely jack squat

    Not even a quick comment from them saying WHY they still haven't enabled this! Is it a technical issue? Security concern? Or maybe they just don't care about their users.

    It baffles me, because in some ways Discord is way ahead of the competition, but in other ways (like THIS) they're so far behind it's actually disgraceful for an app this size.

    Hyperlinks are a must on mobile especially, any welcome post with 10~20 links takes an eternity to scroll through and just looks plain ugly.

    That UX is horrendous Discord, but you can fix it easily.

    If you genuinely can't, tell us why.

    Do better.

  • awichmann

    Yeah, the lack of response shows at least that these posts aren't valued at Discord, and I am quite disappointed by this.

  • Mikuri

    Maybe we should spam this thread daily for them to see it.

    We need more support for text formatting, and hyperlinks are a must!

  • Captainkanpai

    Mikuri: "Maybe we should spam this thread daily for them to see it."


    If so, please, anyone, tell me how to turn off these community notification posts per email.
    As much as I want hyperlinks, going crazy over the amount of emails...
    And can't seen to find where to turn it off...

  • SLaSZT

    Captainkanpai At the top of this page there's a button labelled "Unfollow" - click it. Edit: there's no way to unfollow through email.

  • Captainkanpai

    SLaSZT Ahh, so easy, thank you!

  • Hedgehog

    I really hope this is implemented as well. There's a myriad of ways that it would be useful, even if Discord only allows it for links inside of Discord. I would like to use it when replying to suggestions (eg. someone asks something that has already been explained in server FAQ and I could respond with "please read <this>" or creating a table of contents for FAQ etc.

  • Malik

    Couldn't help but notice that the Tupperbox bot uses this exact thing in plain text (not in an embed) with the reply function... why can't we do this? There's no reason why this hasn't been done yet and I'm a bit confused as to why that is.

  • Machin

    I'm teacher and write blog/wiki posts for my students.
    But link readability ruins the experience.


  • Sayakie

    Bump! This cool feature improves Discord bought more better life!


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