Less updates, disable auto-update or scheduled updates?


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  • Pericles

    I have the same issue. Just had to endure 20 Minutes of lag throughout my gaming session until I found out that Discord once again was responsible for that.

    Edit: Wasn't just Discord.

  • Farkas
    while i agree that updates should maybe be released a bit less often, but the updates might be security issue fixes, and in that case its best for everyone if we get that update/fix ASAP.
  • Blastoise186
    I don't like this - updates might contain bug fixes, security patches and new features all at once for example, which may need to be installed immediately. Discord updates are also fairly small compared to most programs, and it's rare for a program to be able to truly update without some kind of restart.
  • roybatty

    When I travel, I'm charged for data a lot of the time and a lot of the time I have very unreliable access.  If I start discord and it does updates, i kill it and i just can't use discord until i get somewhere with free internet access.

    Prompt people to let them decide.  It sucks.

  • Pericles

    And had the issue again. Yesterday. played a game, suddenly lagged out for 10 minutes. checked what it was, and it was Discord. Match ruined. Updates can happen after a game was closed as well. That's my point.

  • dreamcastnate

    Just launched Discord today, it updated to the newest version, and now it does not work due to the lack of OSX 10.9 support. No warning, no heads up, just updated itself and quit. I can't go beyond 10.9 either due to the fact that my audio interface does not support anything beyond. I use discord heavily on this computer and wasn't planning on replacing a vital part of gear just to be able use Discord.

  • mattastico

    Mine updated today too. Now it no longer works.
    I can't upgrade to 10.10 for workflow reasons. So lame. Can't install the old version either.
    Discord is a big part of keeping in contact with people. The web version isn't practical.

  • Vlad Zheligovsky

    Automatic update is a very annoying feature of any software. I stopped using skype precisely because of that kind of disturbing behaviour. Now discord does the same to me. For the time being I will only use only the web version, and have now to decide, should I stick with discord further on...

  • whispura

    Great idea,

    Upvoted! :)

  • Bernd

    Just have a random game running in the background and then it wont update anymore. Still agree tho

  • Draconis

    I have to use my mobile hotspot to use Discord at work on my laptop, and the updates fail for HOURS before it finally goes through. I've gone DAYS without being able to use Discord due to some trivial, minor update to something barely anyone cares about. 

    PLEASE, either:
    A) Bundle updates together so they come out no more than once a week (twice a month is preferable)
    B) Allow Discord to start without an update unless it's flagged as critical

  • Inspect

    Please make updates optional unless they contain absolutely critical and necessary security patches or similar updates. I don't need the latest emojis right this second, I can install them a bit later.

  • Wraithdog

    Agree with all of the above.  We just had a 50 man op wrecked because half of the people disconnected from the game because Discord decided it would be a brilliant idea to push out an update in the middle of North America prime time 5-9pm.  I mean Jesus Christ, do that $#!+ in the middle of the night, and NOT while a game platform is running on your clients' computer.

    Get it together.

  • ZNiewidoczny

    In my case the internet transmission is not a problem. But I use a spellchecker in my language and it switches to English when an update is pending. So I have to restart Discord for spellchecker to work again. Also the first launch also takes a bit longer recently because of more frequent updates. Even few month ago it was updating every 3-4 days. Now it is doing that sever times during a SINGLE day. Very annoying 

  • ChaosDesigned

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Allow me to turn off auto updates. Every single time I open the app it has to update!

  • Steven4547466

    Yes please, auto updates - while some updates might be for security - should be something we can disable

  • Vilan

    Please, allow us to turn off auto updates.

  • Все что требуется от разработчиков, это выпускать обновления реже.Я думаю не так уж и трудно выпускать обновления не раз в 3 дня, а раз в месяц.

  • kaosaxis

    Yeah I want a setting to turn off Auto Updating. Your pushing releases and not publishing what your changing to the change log. That makes me nervous. Your Change Log blog hasn't been updated since September 2019 < insert surprised slow eye blink here >.

  • andgate

    Crap like this is why discord is one of the worst apps out there. I wish people would stop using this garbage.

  • dyaus7

    The update frequency is downright user hostile. Completely unnecessary. Cool it, guys.

  • HeidiEllis

    I completely agree. I am trying to run a class and hold office hours on Discord and being unable to access Discord until I update twice since the beginning of school is a real problem.

  • Mizuki Ayu

    PLEASE please stop automatically downloading updates while I'm using the app. I don't mind the updates when I open it, but when I'm in VC and a game, Discord's self updating has interfered as my internet cannot handle downloading the update while in an online game and VC.

  • adityaisgreat21

    Anyone found any solution for this?


  • Farell

    2021 and still not even an option for turning off auto-updates... bruh.

  • kourouklides

    Discord is worse than Microsoft in auto-updates. Just have a simple tick-box to turn on and off auto-updates! Everyone can then choose to update or not, just like EVERY other app. How difficult is it to implement this? Fix it.

  • Kruemmelspalter

    It would also be great to release the update before the updater blocks starting
    So, for example, package maintainers for Linux can update the package so people don't have to wait till that happens and can do updates and then start discord right away

  • maxirobaina

    I'm discord user form ubuntu. I installed it using snap. Now, when I start discord It force me to update download a .deb package. So, I can't use discord until be available on snap?

    It's a use case where autoupdate is anoying

  • ɐʞoʎǝH

    Yeah this is bullshit. Read through some of these comments, Discord. Ask yourself: If this is not an overwhelmingly negative response to an unnecessary policy, then what is?

  • adityaisgreat21

    Wow Discord Wow, all these unnecessary changes to logo, and colors and pings, and reactions and more changes that no one ever asked for; but you are completely ignoring the real issues.


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