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  • Frosty
    Sounds nice. It can make it easier!
  • RogueSakura

    I really love this idea.

    maybe you could also turn it around, search not for results from people with specific roles, but for those of everyone but the people with the role. I'm thinking of excluding the bot roles from the search results here. (turns out my suggestion kind of overlaps with yours - here's the link to mine:

  • NanoCE

    Some sort of filter for the searching is a great idea.

  • Kovaelin

    I would also like to be able to search for role mentions.

  • Draco
    I have wayy too many roles on my *chilled out* server where there's a lot of custom roles, so when someone wants their role edited or if i want to edit it, it takes a while to actually find it. Hopefully a role search feature is implemented as it would prove useful to many 😩
  • professorSugoi

    I was looking for a specific role among the mountain of roles my server has, and was heartbroken when Ctrl+F did nothing ):

  • SteinerAdmin

    Are there any updates on this?

  • Sapicow

    bumping this post because I agree with it

  • Demonfang Arun

    This would be nice to have. Mine also has a mountain of roles, and my "everything that isn't WoW" section and associated roles are under everything else, meaning to find anyone with them requires clicking through names. Surprised this isn't just a thing.

  • Noriz

    its 2021 and they still haven't added this feature
    why developers are not adding this feature
    scrolling through hundreds of roles hurts the eyes


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