Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • m0stlyharmless

    I'd like to millionth this.

    Besides this being a pretty clear cut (albeit minor) privacy issue, it also causes problems with a handful of uses for the app.

    I often keep more than one game open on my computer, and I'd love to be able to signal to people "hey, come play this with me" while I play something else on my own, but even if I remove a Verified Game that's overriding it from the list of apps to show, it soon re-adds it. It's like some virus inside Discord that won't go away.

    Wondering if Discord uses Verified Games as some part of partnership/relationship with publishers and platforms, where they product is essentially getting advertising through Discord, and then the program grew to include just every application that they could guarantee the origin of. So the whole thing's gotten bloated, but they can't risk the original concept for fear of upsetting somebody.

  • Tali

    Yes, I am definitely adding my two cents here, with my experience with this issue coming from my use of Scrivener. I roleplay in FFXIV and use Scrivener to take notes, so it is open almost all of the time. Every time I click into Scrivener, it overrides the fact that I am playing Final Fantasy XIV, and it just switches back and forth all the time. No one needs to know I am taking notes in Scrivener. I should be able to turn off Discord's recognition of specific titles. 

  • Phr3d13™

    +1 for this being a thing... seriously, why isn't it a real thing yet?

  • Maverynthia

    This thread is over a year old and still no way to turn off detection. It could be a checkmark next to the "turn overlay on/off".

    It's annoying when some games rely on other programs to play, but the only "game" they see is the starter program. Like SteamVR for VR games, SteamVR is going to be what's listed even though that's not the main thing being played. Or if you are streaming some people have Facerig and THAT is going to be the thing that is listed even though that's not the main thing to be displayed.

  • Crazy

    +1 from me too, this is such a simple and yet so needed thing imo.

  • Branta Canadensis

    +1, discord has probably seen this, so why aren't they doing anything? This is like the easiest shit to code.

  • veo

    +1, no idea why discord refuses to add extremely simple and extremely popular features, like this and the ability to hide messages from blocked users.

  • SithCBR

    Seriously, why does SteamVR need to be shown on Discord. I'd like to block it from showing. Clicking "X" in the Game Activity setting doesn't do anything.

  • Velocifox


  • Daidalight

    Pretty sad that a feature that should be normal still doesn't get implemented.

  • TheveninRDM

    +1  This was an obvious enough feature enhancement even before it was brought up in this thread 18 months ago. Now it's just a bit of a ridiculous omission. Is there a way to get this request in front of the developers or at least get a community manager to say it isn't going to happen?

  • Boss

    Can't believe this isn't a thing you can do. Just bought Scrivener a few days ago and it's the kind of application you leave open for a while at a time. Discord shows I'm "playing" it constantly now when it's open. I just want to be able to tell Discord not to show this one specific application when it's open. It even overrides my Spotify music if I have that playing at the same time. So ridiculous. 

  • Nekomancer


    The lack of this feature is pretty silly. I want people to be able to see me playing games so they can join in, but I don't want them to be able to see me using various random pieces of software that count as games for some reason.

    Please let us disable specific apps.

  • Emre ⚡

    +1 for this from me too.

  • Dank

    +1 This needs to be added, anyone who has ever turned the game activity feature on knows this is an issue. 

  • sshado

    The fact that this hasn't been added yet is ridiculous.

    Discord doesn't verify the assemblies or executable at all. It just guesses. It constantly says I'm playing games that are not even related to what I'm doing on my computer because the file has a common name.

    Discord doesn't allow you to remove games from the list.

    This is a privacy violation and downright embarrassing for a company of your size asking people to pay as much money per year as Amazon and not even adding basic privacy controls.

    Discord is headed down a path to failure if this attitude toward user feedback keeps up.

    It takes you guys multiple years to implement a simple toggle switch? A whitelist? A blacklist? Checksum? Nah man, from one developer to another that's ridiculous.

  • blueraven07

    Adding my +1

  • slumpy

    haha, discord left us on read by accident, pls respond


  • djseifer

    This needs to be a thing.

  • Smeja64

    +1 would appreciate, don't get why it wasn't implemented years ago

  • sjcl

    +1 I was surprised that the proposal has been neglected for so long.

  • maple3142

    +1 For this feature. I think this is important to have.

  • Lucallia

    This seems like such a simple thing that should've been an option when the feature was first released... I do not need my blustacks to be the only game showing 24/7 because that's not a multiplayer game i care for anyone on my friends list to know i'm on. But I guess user privacy is not as much of a concern as changing the UI layout again for the umpteenth time.

    Edit: Side note,I have found posts on this issue as far as 4 years back that have not been addressed.

  • Kostriktor


  • How is this not a thing yet!?
    I recently got VR and I have a bunch of plugins like OVR Advanced Settings and YUR, and it's really irritating that they pop up in Discord that I'm playing them as games.
    They aren't games, they are things that run in the background while I'm playing games.

    C'mon now, Discord devs.

  • 🌸Peachy

    Hahaha iv been getting replies on this thread in my mailbox for the past year and they continue to just ignore it, discord doesnt care at all, its blindingly obvious they get money from these verified apps developers to have a presence so they refuse to give us control over what we show as a status, god knows why they dont just say so instead of ignoring it and hoping it goes away 

  • MadMan2021

    Tell me about it

  • Bodhbh Dearg

    I've turned off the feature altogether, so the imagined footprint is now 0 from my side, and I know plenty people who have done the same!

    It's just stupid to not be able to turn off false positives! (Or even true positives that might share information you shouldn't share!)

  • pcmastarice

    Honestly, why the hell is Lutris counted as a game. It's like saying I'm playing Steam or GOG Galaxy. It is actively hiding all other game activity. Seriously, why won't you let me remove it from my status. I want to be seen to be playing my games - I don't know Overwatch or Celeste or something. What's effectively been done here is a useful, and arguably core, feature of Discord is being ruined by it's shoddy implementation. If I was able to hide Lutris all would be fine and dandy, but no - a game launcher takes priority over my actual games. Seriously man - just why?

  • Hexcon

    This has to be added, we really need it.


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