Let us receive push notifications on mobile while logged into a desktop client


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  • Bludra

    Due to some bug, many devices will not receive any notifications, when PC client *should be* AFK and PC asleep/turned off. I find developers lack of fixing this very disturbing, as this is preventing me and my friends from reacting on time.

    We used to use Discord to gather for a game by messages and then chat ingame, but due to this, many of my friends stopped using Discord, because they don`t get notifs, e-mail is far more reliable.

    Please fix it ASAP!

  • SavageFairy

    I entirely agree and I have the perfect example of why.

    My work uses Discord as a primary means of communication.  Discord has to be open for me to share things efficiently. They give me a slow computer,  closing and reopening Discord on the desktop is a pain and if I need to respond to something quickly,  I need to leave it open and ready. I need to take breaks, of course, but guess what?  I need to stop my break if something important comes up.   And guess what else?  I don't get to have a real break because I have to COMPULSIVELY check my phone since the messages aren't pinging my mobile devices. 

    How is this fair?  How would you like to be on break and need to have your work conversations open and read everything in case it involves you?  Seriously, Discord, please stop being stubborn its been FAR too long to ignore such a simple request for an optional feature that would make your client's experience much better.

  • Kalo

    Thing is, I received mobile push notifs for a good 3 months after download to desktop. Then it stopped. This should not be happening, and one time this thread came up it was closed before getting an answer from Discord.


    Personally that makes me think that Discord is intentionally ignoring this issue. I know that might sound harsh, but this is an issue affecting a large chunk of the userbase. That in and of itself should be cause for concern.


    For the record: I get 0 notifications, whether from DMs, servers, pings, etc.

  • Mer Rowley {64}

    I totally agree theyre ignoring this issue i actually talked to support about it today and they completely didn't care

  • dj505

    This issue needs more attention. I've been missing important notifications because I forget to close my laptop sometimes while a DM is open, and they're automatically marked as "read" and I don't receive mobile push notifications. It's been causing a lot of problems. Having an option to receive notifications on both devices at once would be a perfect solution, I think.

  • philnc

    My personal workstation runs Linux (I'm an enterprise sysadmin), and I see the same behavior. If I log completely out of my user session on the workstation or shut down DIscord, I'll get the notifications on my smartphone. But if my workstation session is merely locked due to inactivity, it won't. My machine doubles as a lab server, so hibernation is disabled. It's really disappointing to see this problem isn't confined to my situation.

  • Kalo

    Another issue I've noticed: I do not receive notifications on my phone at all.


    But on my tablet I get them only if discord is already open (WHEN THEY AREN'T NEEDED) I'm wondering if we should bombard the support with this issue till they get annoyed into fixing it...

  • SarahD3545

    Discord support needs to respond to this issue! They know it affects a large chunk of the user base! I am so frustrated that I don't get notifications on my phone if I happen to be using my laptop.

  • Jondor

    This feature was working perfectly for me until a couple days ago when I had to enable 2FA. Since I did that, my mobile notifications are just plain non-existent unless I close the desktop client. Not happy.

  • Erunaraina

    I cannot tell you how many important messages I have missed because I stepped away from my PC for a moment with my phone in my pocket while the Discord app was in focus, only to return later to all of my missed messages!  This is very frustrating experience which helps to prevent communities from coalescing in a timely manner.

    It is shameful that the developers have not given us this simple feature:
      * [Settings Checkbox] "Send all notifications to mobile" (default value = false)

  • supervisortim

    I have the opposite problem. I receive push notifications on my phone always. I didn't use to, if I was logged in on my tablet. It's very annoying to clear the stack of 50 notifications every half hour. I only want push notifications, when I'm not logged in on another device. I don't know why it changed. Or why it's not user selectable.
    These are both android devices.


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