Allow bots to bulk delete messages over two weeks old


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  • Darth
    Honestly not sure why this was a thing to begin with, major +1
  • ||Jojo||
    If I remember right, Discord had added this restriction to cut down some database issues. So Im not sure if remove the limit would bring the issues back, but we still need a API to clean up a channel completly.
  • Zoddo

    Yes, it's due how their database handle message deletation :

    There is also a technical explaination in this blog article: (mainly "The Big Surprise" part)

    If you need the clean up a channel completely, you can just delete and recreate it (to easily keep the permissions, clone the old channel, then delete it).

  • Kitarla

    I like this idea because some bots will allow images or links to stay and only delete text... really helpful for gallery channels.

  • Davis

    It's really simple, if it casuses stability issues on db don't delete them, just add a flag in db table to hide them?

    Honestly IDK what happens with developers nowdays..

  • Bjorn(Kerg)

    "What Christian said"

    Allow bulk deleting of messages older then 2 weeks

    this functionality should have been back a loooong time ago........

    (deleting 1 message at the time is just silly)



  • bilbodog

    I will just add my voice to this as well. It is kinda ridiculous that you aren't able to clean up a channel.

    If it is a database problem, then just at least make a command that wipes the whole channel. Usually, when we need to bulk delete, it is because we want to clean the whole channel, then don't waste time on making it deleting the last <amount> of messages but make it delete all messages within the channel id and not the <amount> of individual message ids. So make a cleanchannel command.

    And this is to prevent all the devs and bot configurations from being screwed, since the only way to do it quick now is the actually delete the whole channel and then create it again, but then you need to create new webhooks and replace the new channel id everywhere you use it.

    It is pain, either bring back the real bulkdelete or make a wipechannel.

    Best regards,

  • ThatTheredstoner

    I heard that if you make the bot deleting the message one by one,it can bypass the discord 2 weeks old border stuff,i am not sure if its true,but i tested it and still figuring it out.

  • bilbodog

    I can confirm that works ThatTheredstoner, that is the way I have done to make a workaround. So it does work, indeed, but it takes so much time and it is taking much more performance than it should. So it is a 'workaround', but it would be a lot better with an actual command for it.

    Best regards,


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