There should be a way to jump to the first message of the channel


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  • bastet_of_orion
    Scrolling to the beginning of unread messages is already a feature! If you click the blurple ribbon at the top of the chat window which says how many unread messages there are, it scrolls to the top of the stack; it's a little buggy as far as functions go, but 90% of the time it'll go to the exact top of the unread message stack.
  • retrospct

    I think this feature would be a lot better as an option you can toggle in Settings. I don't like that I have to click the button in the blue ribbon every time I alt + tab back to the app. I'd rather it just automatically scroll or if this option is not selected in Settings the behavior is the same as it is today with the blue ribbon.

  • _schino

    yea we kinda need this, but surprised discord hasn't implemented it yet. Also, when you press the Up Arrow Key, it won't work if the last message is way too far (especially in big servers where the chat is always active)

    an alternative? pinning/saving messages locally to the client. 

  • Ptolemy

    Posting because I came looking for this and I want it also.

  • almmiron

    very needed feature

  • SCP 049


  • JatinGera

    Totally agree

  • Maelcum

    I still couldn't find any way to quickly jump to the first message.

    I think it's a very basic functionality to be able to navigate the messages quickly and hassle-free.

  • tkasi123

    The easiest way that I found through another Discord member is to type in the channel an experiment with the "before function" till you get very few messages . Then click on the jump button which will pull you to the top.

    Step by Step:

    Top right click on the Search Box and you will get a drop down menu.

    Choose IN from the Search options.

    You will get another Drop Down menu listing all the channels. Choose the channel that you need.

    Click on the Search Box again and choose BEFORE and choose a date. (If you know tentatively when the channel was started then mention that date else you need to experiment with it. TIP: Experiment till you get very few messages).

    Hover your cursor to any message and then click JUMP which will appear on the right of that box. This will pull you to the top!

  • Genrallex

    @tkasi123 Great thanks

  • purpzie

    Tip: make a URL like

    This may make Discord heck up, or if it still works it'll jump immediately to the first message in the channel

  • JL

    The following worked for me in the latest version of the desktop app:

    With the channel in question active, try 

    • click in the search box
    • choose "in: channel" from the resulting drop-down
    • select the channel in question from the next drop-down; should be the first one listed
    • then select "Oldest"
    • click "jump" on first message listed

    That should get you to the first message of the channel.
    There really does need to be a "jump to start" choice down by the main message field right along with "jump to present" like other users have requested. I'm not sure if the above process works on mobile, but the later would for sure

  • Dekatron

    Cool, thank you ;)


  • VenenoG

    How do you do this on mobile?

  • Nitsuj

    A channel toggle to auto scroll to top would be awesome. Ideal for administrative channels like server rules and set-up channels where reading “top down” would be better for new members so they don’t miss essential info.

    *actually, I think I may post this thought as a separate thread*

  • martinmartyzzz

    purpzie BRILLIANT! THANKS!!!


    "Tip: make a URL like"

  • Barnaby

    By far, the best answer. Just type "/0" at the end of the web url, done. Thanks purpzie


  • Emilie

    Reviving this topic in regards to forum posts, because if what JL suggested works great for regular channels (it's the method I use too), it doesn't work for posts.

    Often the first message of a post provides important context for the discussion, and if anyone wishes to go back and read the first message at any point of a conversation, they're in tough luck if the first message wasn't pinned, they have to scroll all the way back up, sometimes across thousands of messages.

    There has to be a better way!
    Discourse (a SaaS dedicated to forums) offers this basic functionality for a reason.

  • Yasminamo

    I can't believe Discord still hasn't added this as a feature to channels. Would be really helpful to have this as an option in channel permissions especially for new members reading channels like rules, faqs, welcome, etc. 


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