Gradient Color Roles


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  • Snivy Films

    That would be cool


    I second this, imagine having a rainbow name, that would be epic

  • ✿ SuNfLoWeR ✿

    And being able to color regular screennames and such would be fun

  • Tetrawyvern

    This would be really interesting. 100% approve

  • yaboired

    This wouldn't be a ton of work to implement, since it'd just be a matter of adding CSS gradient support to role colors. I still don't see the point regardless. Usually the only feedback that gets implemented is feedback that adds useful new functionality.

  • yaboired

    Somebody else suggested this today as well. It'd be better to implement it in the UI than to make it work however you're thinking, I think your idea is very confusing.

    Regardless, I think it's sort of pointless. I said this on the other thread, too. While implementing this probably wouldn't require a ton of work, it's still not useful functionality.

  • Noataq

    We could use it on our unicorn role

  • Axone

    That could be cool but a living hell to read depending on the chosen colors. I guess having to possibility to so would be cool tho.

  • TechMaster85

    Great idea, but they'd have to make it a certain way.

  • boss
    Would allow for more role customization.
  • canonkiller

    i would die on the spot

  • ℙ𝕖𝕧𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕠𝕟

    We goofed around with my friends and came up with this idea.

    Color-matching is not the best, but I hope you'll get the point...

  • MadMadisson

    Yes pls

  • Miky88

    you can set  #hex custom colors on Desktop clients.

  • Chabo


    Boy sure would love some custom colors.


    What other colors could Discord add except all of them. We literally have all colors possible. 

  • TrenteR_TR

    I wanted to create a new topic about this, but let's add to this.

    Color gradient between highest role and a priority role or something.

    Sometimes in heated Discussions you don't check their roles first to see what roles they all have, so who knows how much experience he has. Admin role color alone doesn't tell you alot, but Admin role color and priority Role color in unix based command line interface would give you a very good idea that the person you talk to has alot of knowledge, without looking up everybodys discord profile for checking their roles.

  • Tetrawyvern

    I think that sounds like a pretty good idea! I support it.
    Also, I'm not sure if this is the same concept you had in mind, but it might be neat if you could set certain roles to automatically form gradients with whatever role is beneath them on the role list. Like, if someone had a red role (set to gradient-ify) and a blue role, their name would be a red/blue gradient

  • Saltbearer

    Would like this. In some cases, it can be hard to distinguish roles that feel like they need to be coded to around the same color, or it can be hard to decide between classifications to code to. A secondary color seems like a simple implementation that could bring more depth, clarity, and personality to role presentation.

    Forming gradients from multiple roles sounds helpful too! Trying to decide on a single designation to make visible at a glance can be a bit of a headache. Probably best to let people manually pick and order name gradient colors from the palette of their roles, though, since individuals may have many particular duties prioritized differently from others.

  • Drinking The Moon

    This NEEDS to be a thing. For the people, by the people, with the people, on the people, in the people.

  • LarryMiller

    I was talking to someone today that asked about having colour change roles on my server... they're argument was it shows LGBT+ support
    I wouldn't mind adding a multi-colour role for anyone on my server that wants it, I'd prefer the colours were as stripes instead of gradient.

  • Capylisa

    Discord, listen to this man!

  • Capylisa

    Nothing rude fyi-

  • ApplePie

    second. this could add lots of more exclusivity to roles

  • Mamu Toastè

    I agree please add multi-color roles. Not changing colors, even though that would be cool to have a soft glowing change. Would like to have a role that is a solid rainbow if you know what I mean.

  • BitSec

    It's been 2 years ago since this has been suggested. I think this should be added.

    Not sure what other features you've have added in the last 2 years but that didn't really improve Discord. 

  • DarkeGhost

    I would very much like this to be implemented.

  • Dale

    It’s a shame this still isn’t available. I’d like to make cool roles beyond the confines of a single colour.

  • Unzo



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