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  • 『Bingo Bongo』

    How about we can favourite our emotes, it's very annoying to scroll down to the very bottom for just one emote, the frequently used isn't as helpful. 

    I think everyone will find this more helpful.

    We should at least be able to favourite 50 emotes we use the most

    Keep that in mind please

  • Funox

    It'll be cool if you only could mute the screen share of people but still hear their voice.

  • Eve

    It would be appreciated if there was a like “Mute” or “Hide Alerts” option for singular DMs because sometimes you just don’t want to talk to someone or you don’t want to get notifications from specific DMs. Thanks.

  • itze.r

    A feature that you can copy and paste roles/bots/channels from one server to another saves a lot of time

  • bronypony880

    We should  have a feature added where we can change our friends name on our end like a nickname like you can on skype. or organize dms in like folders with people you talk to the most and such. 

  • Raphtalia The Tanooki?

    What about a way to change discord sounds?

    Like was possible in Skype™.

    We can set any audio from discord or from your computer.

  • A g e n t Q

    My idea is maybe about changing your profile picture in the server you'd like but doesn't affect your regular profile you are currently with, only people in the server will see the different profile than your regular.
    I have problems trying to be sneaky and catch into some gossip and I want to disguise my profile to look like something I'd like it to be! I think this is a great idea, it's kind of like nicknames but your profile!  I'd like this feature to be called "Server Profile"!

  • Nukedpenguin

    I'm thinking of an idea to make channel chat not so linear. For starters, add comment to post, whether it's a photo, a link, or just some text somebody posted, of course this would coalesce into an arrow drop down which by default is minimized, but has a little activity meter under the post saying how many comments there are and who last responded, when, and if you've seen all the latest comments or not. Of course, the admin of the discord server could turn off this feature if need be. Lastly a way to sort this new content using more specific filters, such as popular, trending, inspiring.

    I just think it's hard to talk about older posts, i feel like even though discord stores all this chat, it's really catering to the 'now' or 'present', and not really good for conjuring conversation about the past posts.

  • Sansy

    I was thinking if maybe we could have profile decorations.
    Like in Amino!
    For example)
    A crown on the top edge of the profile
    Devil horns on the top of the profile and a Devil tail on the bottom.

    I think this would be a fun decor for our profiles! ^v^
    If you actually do this, I'll be happy with this!
    Thank you for reading!

  • Miniharp

    A feature should be added to be in two channels at once,like split screen but for discord.

  • LimesKey

    There should be themes on discord like discord with stripes in the background or like wallpapers in the background. instead of white and black theme. it'd look soo good

  • Nemegto

    Being able to nickname someone in DMs, so that only you can see the nickname. Thanks.

  • •Aki•Taco•>

    A way to spoiler tag images from mobile without renaming the file would be really nice! Like a button, or long pressing the image while it's on the text board before sending. Just an idea! Hopefully would make the interface for it a lot easier for mobile users.

  • ShalevX

    A button which leaves all the groups you joined to, or been added to, (the private calls not servers).

  • ZnairWaL

    Changing channel making:

    • Can be able to use emojies on channel names
  • bubh moment

    Add an feature where you can deafen someone so they can't hear you.

  • AkiTaako2

    On the iPhone discord App, the lower 'easy navigation' bar that includes recent mentions and profile, I'd like to suggest that it doesn't slide down when you swipe into a text channel, but instead stays on the server/channel selection area. I cant tell you how many times I've swiped over and clicked recent mentions, only to have my keyboard appear and the app freeze momentarily as I try to get out of there.

  • Rocketcoke

    Could you make the bar on the left side of the mobile app white on light mode please 

  • Boo-ker

    Being able to set our custom discord status as a twitch sub emote without having to have nitro would be pretty cool. Sort of feels like having to get nitro to do so defies the point.

  • Swooper

    Can we please get server specific Icons! I know I'm not alone in thinking this but they would be so great to have. We have Nicknames which are great but having server specific Icons would be great. Every server has its own style and a lot of people like to match with the style of the server but when you're in lots of them that gets hard too do. There are tons of reasons this would be great and I don't think there's a single user out there who would dislike this as a feature honestly.

    Thanks for your time, Swooper

  • juicebox

    I think one suggestion that everyone would enjoy but fails to mention would be a cam/video call option in servers! I find it very annoying to have to make group dms just to turn on my camera to show something. Of course, this may require more moderation coming from server staff, but the overall experience would be worth it.

    Thank you, Caelan (:

  • Khatou

    It would be very practical in the thermal baths of organization to have a system of subcategories, because here I am, I have a rather big project in mind (depending on its success^^.)

    To make the idea clearer, I would really like to be able to:
    creates a category named "partner guild", so in a subcategory put the name of the guilds and link the number of living rooms necessary to this subcategory.

    This would avoid a too large category/salon list displayed directly in the salon/category band.


  • Gil

    I see everybody complaining about heart colors, you just added two new colors, but I say, why not more? Add a colorful heart that when you press it, it takes you to a color wheel from which you can choose a heart's color. Would stop everybody complaining. Also brown is a horrible color for a heart just saying.

  • Brian

    Im a Moderator on a kinda big discord server, and i figured it would be good to have an option for roles so only specific roles can tag whole roles, like lets say we have 4 roles Admin, Moderator, Special supporter and Newbie. Now i want that the Admin is able to tag Mod, Special Supporters and newbie, but i dont want the newbie to tag the special supporters and the admin. Since u can always only make it that the role cant be tagged from anybody its hard sometimes to tag the role u want, like on my server we had to disable the "mods" role so not everybody was pinging all the mods at the same time, but we want the admins to be able too. So it would really be awesome to do so and if u could add that to the list! I would really love to see that feature

  • yEs

    I think one thing that discord should definitely add would be adding the option of "|| ||" [spoilers] on (the discord app) on phones. Discord has been having steady updates, but I think one thing that should be added in future updates would be the integration of the Discord (phone) app, the web browser and the discord laptop/computer (app) having similar updates, as well as glitches being fixed, etc. 

    This would be handy to add, instead of swapping between your phone and your laptop just to send a video that you can't add a [spoilers] to on phones.

    Kind regards,

    -Queen_of_Cars / yEs / Emu

  • Nemegto

    When talking in DMs, when your friend reads your message, a Read or Seen text pops up so that you know they've seen your message.

  • Aster

    I would absolutely love it if Discord came to Xbox and Playstation so that gamers can avoid the awkward situation of wearing a set of earphones under their headphones so that they can hear game audio and discord calls at the same time. I know that it's a massive port, and would be very difficult, but I feel like a lot of people who use discord a lot would be extremely happy.

  • Alybra

    We all know and love the discord's cozy and stlish grey theme, but maybe if there was a possibility to change theme/background of a specific text channel? Instead of grey there could be a custom image, loaded by the server owner or someone else of a night sky? Maybe some kind of your favorive game, or maybe... NSFW content AHEM. Maybe text can go wrong somewhere, but that doen't really matter when in fact, let's say imagine the ambience when you type someone in the text channel, with a rain image while you are in voice channel with a bot which plays rain sound. That would help with I think rp servers or just make a text channel much cozier for someone :)

  • Mohamed gamer

    My idea is to put a button to prevent connections and prevent me from calling anyone thanks

  • MG 70Gaming

    Hey! I think there should be an easier way to mass edit role permisions. It's really tiring to edit every role separately.


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