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  • NekoLoko

    there a way to purge specific roles so you don't accidentally kick everyone?

  • MR.LEX

    Akun my son phone

  • Caledonian

    Add the ability to bypass / whitelist users when on DND, so that they still receive pings from you in private dm's, same with calls.

  • DefectivePumpkin

    Maybe a way to disable Partnership bots because they are a Nuisance and just spam DMs


  • Hiro | Liv

    Add a feature like if the person has seen your message or not. That’ll be amazing. Thanks.

  • Agent N&M

    I suggest you add a feature where you can screenshare/video chat without a link in a voice channel. This would especially help teachers that would like to teach on discord due to quarentine.

  • DashTY

    an option that would allow us to pinpoint the people we talk to the most so we don't forget them. . lol

  • Yamire

    A new option that lets us to set a colour for our nickname at general like DM. That setting would be shown in My account's settings.

  • captainfoxxxy

    Banning From Discord

    So I was thinking that since there are a lot of trolls running around between privately owned servers joining with the explicit purpose of spamming, trolling, spreading hate messages, and other malicious intent: Why not have discord implement it's own banning system? For instance, say you get banned from...10 servers within a set amount of time. It's obvious that you're doing some pretty shady stuff to get banned that much, so it would logically stand that the next step would be removal, temp-ban, or perma-ban from the application is the next time.

    Thoughts and idea?s

  • pass the chips pls

    I just thought of something pretty cool, what if there is a feature that can allow you to decide who sees you online?

  • birb

    Well, multi-login feature would give me a hand, please add it due to that I have to switch through 2 accounts mennicangly.

  • Quartz

    Renaming folders should be better than having each server name, and also leaving all folder servers altogether will make things easier.

  • DiamondHatTrick

    bring pokecord back y did it have to go????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kedzey

    Suggestion: Voices messages

    Hey ! Chatting with friends on text channels is always cool, but wouldn't it be even cooler if you could send voices notes? So here is my idea of ​​adding to make Discord even more sparkling than it already is: Being able to make voice messages in text channels.

  • ItsJustNickDev

    add new emoji's like the icons from hypesquad!

  • Petit Mouton.

    Separate the permission to mention everyone and here to mention the roles, to have a permission to mention everyone and here and another permission to mention the roles.

  • LokYinN

    add more discord nitro server boosting level like in level 10 allow everyone use gif emoji.

  • Wakate


    I have been facing a really annoying issue where the screen share region on a server is different from the server region. I live in Dubai and all regions all blocked except Sydney for some reason. Hence, I can use discord decently enough to communicate with my friends. In my server, the region is Sydney and when I screen share, the streaming region for screen share becomes India or Singapore, which are blocked. I would like to suggest to add a section to have control over the region that the screen share is streamed in. 

  • Axton P.

    Good suggestion: make a feature so when somebody is calling you, you can select 'ignore', so it basically declines it except it will appear to the caller it will still be ringing you and they wont know you selected ignore.

  • Matt From Wii Sports

    Suggestion: Server Polls


    Maybe being able to create polls directly in servers. you could create a title of the poll for example "What game should I stream today?" and then be able to add up to like 100 different responses. You could also set the amount of time the poll is active for and how many votes each person gets. I feel like this would make voting a lot easier than using reactions. Just something I've been thinking about for a while.

  • Im_Brain

    Peace be upon you today. I want to make a suggestion that may benefit most of the new Discord users, which is that when the user creates a new account he will enter into a server or in this server he will be in rooms or multiple rooms according to the multiple nationality or language of the users so that the new user or who does not have friends In Discord, he can be friends from many countries of the world. This is a proposal, God willing, you will be satisfied. Thank you

  • Kesamot


    If you want to let others know what you are currently running on your computer, you need to go to settings> game activity and add the game as an application there. But Auto-status differs in that instead of "playing word" you can set for example "typing in word" etc. Also, there will be special settings for Internet browsers that you will be able to set each tab separately

  • cool123

    PLEASE make it so you can edit photos.I've had to redo channels because i want to change the photo.

  • htr3d

    It would be cool if you could organize DM's, like move the order. It would also be cool if you favorite some friends and make them come first in the friendslist, I have too much friends on discord so scrolling through to see their status takes a while!

  • Natasha

    Hi! So i am red color blind and always found it difficult to read pings and the blob that would appear next to the channel that was pinged. As an idea maybe allowing the users to choose the color of the pings and stuff or maybe make a color blindness setting

  • Angry Pineapple

    Hey, so i was talking with some of my friends and we found a problem we all have. The groupchat limit. I know servers exist but sometimes it seems like too much work to set up a server for just 12 people. A small GC expansion to something like 15 would be super helpful for users like me who game with larger groups of friends

  • bby cece୨୧

    i think adding profile colors for your username would be fun! This could work like the color roles in servers except for our username. just make it with the color wheel or where we can simply add a hex code!


    Sir I seen bug when used discord and some channel can't not used, voice channel disconnected,new features add and some features corrected please, live chatting facility app devloper

  • DieGamer

    I'd like if there will be a seperate function to make roles immune to slowmode without "manage channels" permission

  • !Luke

    Would be nice if you could stack folders that way i could have folders of servers in another folder so that there is less clutter on screen


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