Please add an option to disable right click invites or add a confirmation window when using that feature


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  • green.

    Yes pls, I could have accidentally got banned if the mod that I sent the link to didn't understand that it was an accident

  • Nitoxym

    So many times I almost sent a pub to someone, please Discord, make a confirmation window

  • mmxcrono

    The confirmation window will help a lot.

  • Steven4547466

    Yes why is this not a feature. If you're gonna ban client mods, then listen to your users and improve your client or you leave us no choice.

  • MxMattyB

    coming up on the two year anniversary of this thread and i just did an accidental invite too, how is this not fixed yet

  • GallyYoko

    it happened to me yesterday, could it be fixed please ?

  • MxMattyB

    i'm just gonna post a comment on this every time that this unfixed bug causes me to accidentally invite folks, as i keep linking folks here after i do to explain that discord, while great in general, has one very specific very annoying flaw vis a vis server invites

  • BlueAgent

    I've accidentally invited people to servers twice and had close calls when I accidentally hover over and think I sent an invite. Please add at least one of the following:
    - Confirmation window for creating and sending an invite
    - Option to hide the "Invite to server" context menu item
    - When you click on invite to server then a window pops up where you choose a server and it shows who you're creating an invite for (rather than having a sub-context menu appearing instantly upon hovering)

    I'd be most happy with just hiding the option from the menu, as I can always turn it back on if I want it, or I can also manually create an invite link and then send it.

  • Odephris

    I think a disable right click option should be a chosen implement, more so for the artists that have discord servers on the basis of commissions. They should be able to have a safe space to show off their work without worry of people stealing the images and making an NFT of product they didn't pay for. I also think, making a anti-screenshot option in servers. So don't make it universal, give group admins the decision on being able to turn it on/off. Deviant art and several other art hosting websites claim to fame is that 'they're safe' and in truth they aren't. 

    Imagine the influx of artists choosing to use discord to show off their pieces because they KNOW it's safe and can turn on anti-theft. It's a super big problem, and I advocate for these artists who put HOURS into work only to find paid commissions are being stolen and used for free.  As well as the customers who spent real currency to obtain a beautiful piece. Theft is theft, regardless of the behold and the creator.

  • Steven4547466

    Odephris I think you're missing the point of this suggestion. Also, if they did that it wouldn't do anything. Discord is made in electron which is fancy talk for html packaged as an app, so even if they disabled right click save image, you'd still be able to inspect element to get it, or get it from your cache.


    Regardless, that's not the point of the suggestion anyways. The suggestion is to add an option to disable, on a per client basis, the right click to invite users to a discord your in, not mods disabling right click in a server.

  • niktr

    make this happen ffs, why do users have to beg for basic features?


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