Clyde Bot - You are sending to many direct messages.


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  • Yujin

    I'm having the same problem here...  @everyone is not always an option.

    I want to deactivate Clyde

  • LaurenBilanko

    How do I deactivate Clyde Bot. I need to send multiple DMs and This is causing an already time consuming task to take much longer!


  • SarahNorthway

    I've got the same problem - I decided to organize a small playtest via a server I am an admin of. I just wanted to privately send 20 game keys out to members but the system stops me after 10 and doesn't tell me what the limits are, how long I need to wait, etc.

    If all the people I'm spamming (with unique messages) are members of a server that I am an admin of, I think the DM limit should be increased from 10 to 100 at least.

    The OP's user verification is another totally legit use case here. At least document what the limits and timeout are so we can work around them accordingly.

  • nicer

    3 years and this still isnt fixed

  • Silv دي

    it isnt a bug its jus discord tryna manage spammers even tho they have no disregard for their real users 😂


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