Please add a switch to toggle camera mirror mode.


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  • meganox

    It's mirrored in Discord Desktop for Windows for me with no option to switch to normal.

    I've checked my webcam settings are set to normal, not mirrored.

    If I use ManyCam to grab the camera and select the ManyCam virtual webcam as the source in Discord, the image and the ManyCam watermark are mirrored.

  • Tactics Radio

    Agreed.  I have the same issue.  Please resolve this!

  • Siegfried Rabenfels

    I have the same issue.

    Image is mirrored, which is extremely irritating.

    I also don't know where this bug comes from. For decades, I have never seen this issue with any of the cameras I've used. And in the past years it keeps appearing on various platforms independently, especially on smartphones.

  • Rancor

    Same issue here!!

  • Kunstbanause

    Still a problem when I grab the video from obs

  • DommG

    Same issue here

  • drich (aaubry)

    This just happened to me on screen sharing (Desktop app for Linux 0.0.10 57589), very annoying because I cannot clearly see what I'm showing..

    No way to revert back to normal

  • Darth Futuza

    Yup, please add an option to mirror the camera feed. :)

  • Greg

    Same here...

  • Synergist

    This is happening for me on Windows with the May 14 release, I'm feeding it with an NDI Input but other viewers say the video is correct at their end. It's only the preview which is being flipped, it seems. It's still really annoying.

  • ccrunnertempest

    Same Issue. Bump.

  • gamlegrete

    Same here

  • kdmoyers

    Same issue: windows 10, Logitech webcam C270

    I'd really like to point the camera at a whiteboard and keep making continuous drawings but It's very difficult to write words mirror style.  Also, players saying "left" and "right" needs to be reversed.  Altogether, it's kind of a mess.

    I tried to somehow configure the camera itself, and it does have settings like white balance and brightness, but nothing for mirror.  It appears the application program must control mirror-ness.

    I *can* instead run a camera app, and screen-share that app, but I was hoping to use the screen-share function for something else.

  • V--R

    Same problem, considering how easy it should be to just implement a 'mirror' toggle I'm surprised this has been an issue for more than a month.

  • Loeffel

    The source doesn't matters, the picture is always mirrored. If there would be a mirror option that would be no problem, but that way the camera option is useless.

  • TerrbearSF

    Yeah, this is super annoying. We can't even share our Xsplit feed into Discord for this reason.

  • NewWinter

    Exact same issue! If it hasn't been updated/fixed in this long, yeah you would start to think its intentional..
    although discord can gain absolutely nothing by not updating this feature and make a lot of users ECSTATIC by simply adding a mirror preview view option!
    Obviously its a support issue! Not one Mod or Support Staff i bet has read this thread! And therein lies the problem!


  • bubaz!

    oh my god please flip the ******* camera, easiest function ever dooooooo it NOOOOW

  • WhiteMale

    I can confirm it's only for you.

    It's literally just a CSS visual applied to the your feed for no one but yourself.


    Once again you can fix it for yourself by turning it off via the Console. (Ctrl+Shift+I)


    $('#erd_scroll_detection_scrollbar_style').append("/* Unmirror Webcam*/.mirror-1Z13AJ {-webkit-transform:none!important;transform:none!important;}");

  • Andypoo

    Also looking forward to this being implemented.

    I'm using a Camlink 4K for streaming (as a webcam) as well as an ATEM Mini desk occasionally, and it is annoying for both.


  • WhiteMale

    "That sadly only seems to work for full-screen feeds and doesn't fix the mini-preview that shows when you click onto text channels..."

    You're right.. you can type this into the Console instead to fix both.

    $('#erd_scroll_detection_scrollbar_style').append("/* Unmirror Webcam*/.mirror-1Z13AJ {-webkit-transform:none!important;transform:none!important;}.mirror-1i_yQY {-webkit-transform:none!important;transform:none!important;}");

    It tags may get updated and not work in the next major update but we can only hope they implement it by then 🙃

  • Dwenn

    I have the same problem, using the video from my capture card. please help me.


    OBS , same thing

  • Thore

    Manycam, same thing...


    Please fix this guys!

  • David KG5EIU

    Sending video from an ATEM - screen is backwards - be nice to have switch

  • Abysmal

    this shouldnt be hard to fix and the first instance of this was a year ago, someone do something :/

  • earthmeLon

    This is very frustrating.  I cannot use Discord for video because of this.  Seems silly to provide a feature but no user interface for it ;_; . 

  • elstoferino

    I also want the mirrored/unmirrored togglel


  • Tanner W.

    I also just discovered this and would like to add my voice in support: Please add a mirror toggle!!

  • WhiteMale

    Classic example of Discord focusing on features no one asked for when simple stuff like this isn't completed.

    For those on desktop who may be interested, you can unmirror yourself in the meantime via removing the mirror class tag using inspector.

    Look for: "<canvas id="media-engine-video-"

  • Sipowicz

    Same issue.


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