Grouping messages under a "Discussion" label for easier management (and a cleaner look) of text channels


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  • Bubblez

    This is exactly what im after 😭 did this ever happen?

  • Bubblez

    Id like it more so for our game server. A council is set up to discuss different topics. To be able to group message streams would help better as no matter who is on the council can come in and not have to scroll thru countless hours of (off topic suggestions) they can get to whats important first.
    Pinning messages only allows one message, and with multiple members making suggestions on a topic it would be nice to have them all in one place for that topic. 😁

    Kind of like the reddit way.

    Member starts a topic
    | everyone else can join that topic but its all underneath that topic heading type thing 😁😍


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